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film911 - Daniel Photo Shoot - Hypno
musclehairy chesthypnosis911no nudityno sex
1. Daniel is in bed when his friend calls and he tells him how nervous he is about the shoot. His good friend reassures him and get gets up, checks himself out in the mirror, and gets dressed. Daniel arrives at the shoot and the photographer does his best to work with him but he is being awkward and the photos aren’t turning out well. The photographer suggests hypnosis and puts him under. While under he instructs him to slowly strip down. The photographer takes advantage of the situation and feels him. Then he has Daniel lay on the couch and tells him to be totally limp as he manipulates his body. Finally he has him dust the living room. Then he has him standup and put his clothes back on and takes him out of the trance.

2. Daniel is told to listen to some music on some headphones and he goes intro a trance. Jay then commands him to act like a zombie.
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