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Tyger Films - Jock-A-Holics (1993) DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Jerry Douglas

Aaron Austin the swimmer
Erik Houston the manager
Jason Andrews (90s) the novice
Phil Bradley the equipment boy
Randy White the skin star
Steve Gibson the quarterback
N Jim Steel the M.C.
N Mark Driscoll the pool player
foot notes:
N=Non-sexual role

Plot reminds me of classic Hollywood.  â€œTales of Manhattan”, 20th Century Fox, 1942.  Douglas’ film has a filthy jock strap instead of an unlucky tail coat.  The scene with Austin and Bradley is rare in gay porn.  It is full of dialog and is very funny but in a quiet, Douglas-like way.  I am ever grateful this fellow decided to make gay dirty movies.

1. Erik Houston, Jason Andrews

2. Jason Andrews, Steve Gibson

3. Steve Gibson, Phil Bradley

4. Erik Houston solo

5. Aaron Austin, Phil Bradley

6. Aaron Austin, Randy White, Erik Houston
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