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Next Door Studios - Men's Room Rookies
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Having your first bathroom sex experience gives a whole new meaning to the term “toilettraining”! For every gloryhole guru out there, there’s a men’s room rookie who hasn’t yettaken the leap. Whether they’re shy, in the closet, or just never thought about it before,these newbies need someone to teach them the ropes of gettin’ it on at the public porcelain.Lucky for them, there’s usually a hot hung local lurking nearby any seedy bathroom who’dbe happy to lend a hand (and a hole) to a stranger in need. Lucas Knight, Brandon Lewis,Bam Bam, Krave Moore, and Orlando Fox star as five frisky first-timers who take the plunge,stick their dick through the stall wall and learn the joys of getting their public freak on. Bythe time their anonymous encounter has led to a nut-busting finale, you’d never be able totell this was their freshman fuck… and with a little extra practice, these hookup sluts intraining will be ready to make the moves on a men’s room rookie of their own!A Next Door Studios anthology.

Bam Bam
Brandon Lewis
Chris Noxxx
Dominic Reed
Fernando del Rio
Greg Jameson
Krave Moore
Lucas Knight
Orlando Fox
Osiris Blade
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