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Corbin Fisher - ACM1384 - Massaging Kaleb (with Bradley)
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Corbin Fisher
Massaging Kaleb (Bradley & Kaleb)
Release Date : Nov 5, 2013

Each time Bradley comes out for a shoot, I think we all grow to enjoy his company even more. He's really settled in quite well at CF, and is a pleasure to have around. His demeanor and attitude are great and there's no denying he's hot as hell to look at! He's gone from those early scenes where he was clearly incredibly nervous to now breaking in some fresh meat, as he does here with Kaleb!

Like Bradley showed early on, Kaleb has the potential to do quite well at CF. He's clearly an adventurous, fun-loving, horny guy. As we welcome him to CF by having Bradley give him a massage that escalates to plenty more, you can see Kaleb was having himself a ton of fun - he's writhing around on the massage table, his dick wasting no time getting fully hard, and he can't help but look down and take in the sight of Bradley's mouth bobbing up and down on his cock.

With first impressions being key, Kaleb's very first impression of being at CF includes getting an amazing massage and BJ, having his hole rimmed, and covering Bradley's face in cum!

Original upload: 06/11/2013 -matthewmancs
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