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Staxus - Horny Hashtag, Sc 1 - Ethan Wilder, Ray Rio (720p)
Ethan WilderRay RioBarebackRimmingJan NuradKevin JadeMatthew Sommer
Added: 25/July/2019
Duration: 25 minutes, 53 seconds

Summer is here, and our boys do love to suck on an icecream to insinuate themselves to one another. Ethan has got Ray's attention, and he, in return is going to get to try a different type of popsicle! Ethan has one too which Ray doesn't think twice about trying, so after some tip licking, ball sucking, he decides to take it deep, including some ass to mouth action. Needless to say, both boys enjoy each and every moment of this escapade, as seen when both boys get even the last drop of each others cum!
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