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ChaosMen - Maurice Solo
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Maurice was literally the last model of 2017 that I got to work with.

He hit me up very near the end of the year, and with not much going on for New Years, I booked him for the last two days of the year. Typically, over the Holidays, I avoid booking any flights because so few are available and what is available can be quite expensive.

Thankfully, Maurice and his boyfriend were able to drive to Austin, and I even got another model to come work with him on New Year's Eve.

Doing porn was something Maurice has always wanted to do. With his 10.5" cock, he knew he had the dick for it, but he also worked really hard on his body, putting on some muscle and getting his abs rockin'.

Maurice is a versatile guy, saying he likes to bottom a little bit more than topping.

He was eager to show-off his dick, and strokes his cock during the interview. When he pulls off his pants, his cock is literally spilling out the bottom of his underwear. His cock was pretty chubby, and he swings it around by shaking his ass.

Maurice gets comfortable in the bed, and then gets his cock all the way hard. He is a slow stroker, so we get to see his giant cock in all its glory. He lightly fingers his hole as he strokes his cock.

If you are a versatile guy, you won't be able to decide if you want to sit on his dick, or fuck his hot ass. Do both!

Maurice was awesome to work with, so stay-tuned next week to see him in action!

Released February 26, 2018
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