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Raging Stallion Studios - Muscle Studs
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Handpicked classic scenes from Sexpacks 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and Bound, Beaten & Banged. Sexpack One: Four Tight Tales The first scene of Sexpack One features Raging Stallion model, Dean Coulter - a mega-stud with the finest ass ever carried inside a pair of 501 jeans. Dean was offered contracts with several major studios, but chose Raging Stallion. Paired with Matt McGrath - one of porn's all-time hot hairy hunks - Coulter shined as never before and created a locker room sex fantasy that still commands stiff attention from viewers. Even in this first movie, Raging Stallion set the pace with a new style and energy that has been copied by practically everyone else in the business. If you are a fan of muscle and hair, this scene will be an instant favorite! Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist This scene is called Two American Booties, and stars luscious muscle-babe Dean Coulter and suavely handsome Tom Vaccaro as a pair of lovers locking together in playful high spirits and intense deep loving. Passionate kissing leads to passionate cock sucking, as Dean engulfs Tom's solid slab of cock in some prodigious feats of deep throating. Dean's not afraid to get messy, and chokes it down 'til there are balls smeared across his face and he breaks out in sweat. In a maddening display when Dean is astride him, Tom deftly uses his pistoning cock to tease and taunt Dean's butt crack and glistening asshole. The provocation is too much - Dean spreads his mountainous cheeks out by hand, and slams the full weight of his muscled body down onto Tom's mammoth shaft. It's a beautiful, exhausting scene, with every minute of its luxurious half hour building relentlessly while lavishly displaying its lascivious playmates. These guys really connect. Sexpack Four: Porn Noir "Pierce and Moreno are up next in an aptly titled loop called Wild Ink. Moreno is a dangerous looking dude with a muscled bod and tattoos all over. Pierce is also inked up. They begin with a lot of fierce kissing and even fiercer nipple play. Standing against a chain link fence these two guys really get into one another. Their palpable chemistry transcends the television screen and almost creates smoke...even before the audience has gotten a look at their packages. Once the ass and cock-play begins you will be amazed. There is even a hot little piss session between these guys. Sexpack Five: Dirty Deeds Black performs a slow sensual jack of Pierce that continues on for several minutes before Pierce's muffled groans give alert to a jizz blowout. When Black blows all over his own chest and tummy, Pierce feeds it to him. Sexpack Ten: This End Up! Featured here is a solo performance by Peter Raeg. When first glimpsed, he couldn't look more handsome. With a shaved head, he's wearing only industrial overalls on top of his shining muscular body, seen first from the back to expose the expert bodywork. His sweeping of the floor seems to get him excited, so he dives a hand into his pants to fish out his cock. Bringing back the hardness, which is just perfect size for his fists, he proceeds to worship it with both hands, whichever not jacking pulling at his nipples. He plays with the rivers of pre-cum he produces. At one point he finally turns around so we can salivate over his un-tanned hairy butt, perfect eye candy. The main jack-off near the end is done in extreme close-up, lube shining as he works neatly, ending up with a cum-shot that drips over his fingers right in front of the camera. Bound, Beaten & Banged Winner Best Leather Video (2001 GayVN Awards), Nominee: Best Kink Video (Men in Video Awards). Boot licking, flogging and several dicks up Bryce's sexy manhole fill out this video. With Joe Stack, Frank Parker, Boyd Thomas and Michael Core. All real beefy men (no pussy-boy twinks here), and all sporting and playing with pierced nips, severe tit-play, hardcore leather poundings, extreme piercings, gorgeous full-body tattoos (no wussy tribal armbands-only here), mummifications (yay!) and tons more. It all populates this truly brutal outing from Raging Stallion."

Cast: Boyd Thomas, Bryce Pierce, Dean Coulter, Eddie Moreno, Frank Parker, Joe Stack,
Matt McGrath, Michael Corey, Peter Raeg, Robert Black, Tom Vacarro

Length: 2:29:27
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