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William Higgins - Ivo Kerk & Terry Torson
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William Higgins - Ivo Kerk & Terry Torson (2014)

Terry Torson came in for a screentest. He is a really handsome, well built guy, so we paired him up with another very hot guy, Ivo Kerk. Ivo does a brief interview with Terry before they get going. Then they start to kiss each other. As they kiss they rub the other's crotch, with hands going into the underwear to feel cock. Ivo then moves down and kisses on Terry's chest. Terry does the same for his new buddy. Ivo releases Terry's big cock from his underwear. It is rock hard and ready for action as his underwear comes off. Ivo goes down on that big cock and sucks on it. His lips wrapped tight around the head, he suck up and down on it, licking and kissing it as well. He sucks on Terry's balls too as he continues to work the dick. Terry loves the feeling and hold Ivo's head in place as he starts to fuck the mouth.

Ivo then lays on the bed and Terry moves so that he can suck cock too, after removing Ivo's underwear. He really knows how to suck and works that cock very well with his mouth and tongue. He then sits, with one leg along Terry's body, so he can wank both their cocks. Ivo turns his head and kisses Terry's foot as his cock is wanked. Terry sucks that cock some more and then lifts Ivo's legs and begins to rim his hairy ass. Ivo is enjoying that tongue action and Terry kneels and slides his rock hard cock into that wet hole. That big cock slams in and out of Ivo's hot hole, and he moans as he takes it all, his own stiff dick moist on his belly.

Ivo wanks his cock as he takes that big dick. Changing back to missionary Terry slam his dick in and out of that ass, with Ivo waning himself fast, and shooting his cum all over his belly. Terry pulls out and quickly wanks himself to a climax too over Ivo's cock and balls to end a magnificent screentest.
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