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Falcon Int - Under Fire (1999) DVD
VintagePre-CondomBareback& CondomsEuropeanmilitaryuniformsanaloralgeneral hardcore
director Steve Kiraly

Andras Brandl
Antal Posza
Colby Tavers
Jakob Kormos
Janos Volt
Johan Reves
Martin Sandor
Patrik Zsolt
Peter Krisztia
Serge Istavan

An International Military Boot Camp. Muscled soldiers, hungry mouths, and huge, uncut dicks.

1. Janos Volt, Andras Brandl
Soldier doctor Janos Volt—in the early stages of his successful career—examines his charges. He can’t resist stripping himself down when new recruit Andras Brandl walks in, and soon the doc is giving his underling a dose of hard medicine.
2. Peter Krisztia, Colby Tavers, Serge Istavan
Peter Krisztia oversees the target practice of Colby Tavers and Serge Istavan, who test their marksmanship in a field. When the captain leaves, the two start sucking each other. Krisztia soon comes back to sample his students.
found in compilation Military Secrets (Falcon)
3. Patrik Zsolt, Johan Reves, Martin Sandor
Patrik Zsolt is peeling potatoes outside when Martin Sandor and Johan Reves pull up in their Jeep to lend a hand. The clothes quickly get peeled, and after some sucking, a fuck chain follows with Sandor in between Zsolt and Reves.
found in compilation Military Secrets (Falcon)
4. While taking a break from training in their tent, Jakob Kormos and Antal Posza are soon worked up into a lather after putting out a cigarette fire. Their bodies are soon pressed against each other, with the tall blond Posza firing his big dick into Kormos’ holes.

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