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MEN - Jizz Orgy - My Two Daddies Part 3 - Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding, John Magnum, Luke Adams, Rikk York
By New Year’s Eve, Luke Adams has settled into his new home he shares with Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser. Luke’s “daddies” have invited a couple friends, John Magnum and Rikk York, over to ring in the New Year. John and Rikk are intrigued when they meet Luke who is a perfect houseboy. When the clock strikes midnight everyone shares some traditional kisses, but one kiss lasts a little too long. The others see this, get turned on and can’t help but join in the fun. The kissing soon turns into a lot more and each daddy takes a turn fucking Luke.

Original Upload 31/12/2014 - ric58hard
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