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Studio 2000 - Riptide
Almost everyone has, at one time or another, wondered what really goes on up in the lifeguard stations where those big hunks of beef who watch over our fives and our safety with such diligence go to escape the sun's hot rays and the sunbathers' even hotter gazes. And probably everyone has some kind of fantasy about it. Riptide!, the latest in SIUDIO 2000's continuing series of the hottest and the handsomest in male adult video, is their take on what's happening in those secret places where surf, sun and sand collide with rising libidos, straining muscles and conflicting emotions. Baywatch will just have to move over. The tits and ass here are of a hot and throbbing kind.
Mark Montana, SIUD10 2000 exclusive and soon-to-be porno superstar, back from his debut in Mavericks, is a lifeguard whose intense sexual confusion and failure with relationships has reached a point where even the simplest of tasks, like making it to work on time, have gotten beyond him. Joining Mark are voluptuous newcomer Carl Bruno, whose intense grey-green eyes can thrill you and chill you in the same moment; big dicked Scott Ransome, the latest California Golden Boy to capture the hearts of a nation ; Chase Hunter, the East Coast answer to the Marlboro man with a dick that goes all the way from here to there; Gianfranco, exotic, darkly handsome and a driving, pounding sexbody; Chad Connors, a blond and beautiful Toby boy with the cutest, hungriest and happiest butt on the seashore; Matt Easton, brunet, handsome, and a good ol' boy who is always really for some heated action; and Sean Diamond, who combines the sweet and the studly in very winning ways and who can never seem to get enough of that wonderful stuffing.
Mid-afternoon at the lifeguard station. When Mark Montana arrives late for his shift once again, Carl Bruno rips into him. Testosterone flies as the two men tangle verbally. It's apparent that there's a bit more than just lost time here. Angry and frustrated, Carl leaves. It falls to fellow lifeguard Matt Easton to relieve the tensions that have become stifling in the small, cramped quarters. Matt massages Mark's stiff neck and shoulders and, with considerable encouragement from Mark, one kind of stiffness is replaced with another and the massage soon leads to more deeply rewarding activities--as all good massages should.
Early evening on the beach. Scott Randsome and Gianfranco, a couple of full-time surfers and beach bums, return from riding one last wave. They find newcomer and summer surfer, Chad Connors, asleep by the fire. His hot, tight and rounded ass soon has the guys hard and randy. Starting with some jacking off, the scene quickly progresses to hot and heavy action as Chad gets it at both ends from these two powerhouses. Once satisfied, the two hunks ignore Chad and head down the beach looking for more action.
Late evening. Under the pier. Carl has retreated to his favorite brooding place to sort out the frustrations of his conflicting feelings about Mark. He knows that his feelings go a lot deeper than they should because he's convinced that Mark isn't capable of anything like reasonable reciprocation. Down and depressed he's a perfect target for Scott's dangerous brand of sexual excitement. When Scott appears out of the shadows of the night, Carl, perfectly aware of the danger, takes him on in a gut-busting duel of straining muscles, rushing emotions, pounding bodies, and throbbing, spurting cocks.
Once the climaxes are over, Scott turns mean and nasty. At first it looks like Scott may have met his match but Gianfranco joins his beach buddy and the odds leave Carl beaten, bloody and unconscious. Moments later, Mark, his shift over, arrives and discovers Carl. In a rush he also discovers a lot of pent-up and repressed feelings that have been knotted up inside. In a near panic, he calls for help. Soon the police and the paramedics arrive. As the paramedics rush Carl off to the hospital, Mark insists on going along. He tells the cop in charge, Chase Hunter, that his statement can be finished later.
The next day. Chase, now off duty, is having a late-morning cup of coffee on the pier. He is spotted by one of the paramedics from the previous evening, Sean Diamond. Sean joins Chase and they discuss the previous nights events--how Mark spent the night by Carl's bedside; how even though Carl's unconsciousness continues, his recovery is assured; and how Carl kept repeating Mark's name once Mark left. As they talk, they stroll the beach until they arrive at a private little cove. There their thoughts turn more personal and private as these two masters in the art of masculine sexual fulfillment give each other soaring pleasures and drenching releases.
It is a few weeks later. Carl has accepted an offer to recuperate at Mark's oceanside beach house. There, away from the stress of work and the special stress of maintaining the job-demanding image, the two men have slowly been able to open up to each other. In a scene that begins quietly, Mark and Carl break through the shells of their public selves to an intense level of sexual bonding that is complete and sustaining.
Riptide! offers an all-star cast of sexual performers presented in the unique STUDIO 2000 style that has become the hallmark of the work of producer Scott Masters and director John Travis. It's a combination that ignites a fires on the water; steams you up and cools you down in a frenzy of sexual excesses, and stirs up heavy emotional cross currents that rip and tear into one another leaving you drained, damp and very sated. Riptide! is irresistible. So go with the flow!

Cast: Scott Randsome, Mark Montana, Karl Bruno, Chad Conners, Sean Diamond, Matthew Easton, Gianfranco, Chase Hunter

Length: 1:25:15
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