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William Higgins - Str8 Hell - Tomas Berger, Hugo Antonin and Martin Hovor Raw - Raunchy
We have a lovely Raunchy Sex Dreamset, suggested by Floris. This features Hugo Antonin, Tomas Berger and Martin Hovor. Tomas is in a room, with his wrists shackled. He is quickly joined by security guys Martin and Hugo who accuse him of smuggling. Martin checks Tomas' bag and finds some new clothes, with security tags still on them. Martin likes the look of one shirt and strips off to try it on. He finds another one and Hugo strips off to try it as well. Then Hugo and Martin begin to kiss, behind Tomas' back. Then their attention turns to him. Martin's dick is rock hard and Tomas' head is pushed onto it for sucking. Then he has to suck Hugo as well. Soon he is alternating between the two stiff dicks. His jeans are removed by Martin as he sucks on Hugo's stiff cocm. Then Tomas is bent over, giving access to his ass. Martin's big cock pushes into the tight ass to fuck it deep. Long thrusts push the dick deep into Tomas' hole as he sucks on Hugo's cock. Martin pounds the ass hard and fast.Tomas grabs his own cock and wanks it as he is fucked. Then Hugo and Martin change places, so that Hugo can fuck that tight ass. Soon they are taking turns in the ass, fucking it as hard as they can while Tomas wanks himself. Tomas lays on the floor and wanks himself as Hugo fucks his tight hole. With his wanking getting faster Tomas shoots a big load all over his belly. Martin wanks as Hugo keeps up his fucking. Hugo pulls out and shoots his hot load over Tomas' cock and balls. Martin continues to wank until he too delivers his cum.

Day 10: Hugo Antonin
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Original: 23/10/2017 - ric58hard
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