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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Mirek Cirek and Oto Useda - WRESTLING
WrestlingMusclesOiled UpMasturbationJerking OffSmooth
Released June 7, 2019

Mirek Cirek and Oto Useda are matched in submission wrestling. They look so good as they start by warming up with stretching, wearing only underwear. Then they start the match and are soon rolling around on the mats as each tries to gain a decent hold. Oto manages to pull of Mirek's underwear as they grapple with each other. With his ass bared and his cock on display Mirek tries to gain an advantage, but it is Oto who manages the first submission. After taking a drink they resume the match and those hot bodies are quickly entwined as they roll over the floor. Each guy exerts much effort in an attempt to gain a submission with Mirek eventually prevailing. As he works hard to get another submissoin Mirek manages to remove Oto's underwear. With both guys naked they take a break to oil each other all over. Then it is one with the match. The oily bodies glisten as they roll over the floor trying to get the hold. By grabbing Oto's cock and balls and squeezing Mirek wins another point. That tactic returns to bite him when Oto does the same, with Mirek taking a while to recover. But he wins the match and they settle down for a wank off. They wank to get hard and then pull on each other's cocks for a brief time. Then wanking themselves again it is Oto who is first to release the hot cum onto the mats. He milks his cock dry as Mirek wanks and flicks the cum from his cock. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.
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