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Broke Straight Boys – Kaden Alexander, Kaden Porter - The Two Kadens Fuck Raw
You knew it would happen sooner or later, with both Kaden’s out here at the same time, we just had to put them in the studio together.  Kaden Alexander (who we'll just refer to as Kaden) invites Kaden Porter to show him what he has learned so far on his time with BSB, and he takes that invitation and goes down on Kaden, sucking that cock and showing him what he’s got.  When Kaden’s hard and horny he goes down on Kaden Porter, sucking and deepthroating that dick and then 69ing before Kaden Porter focuses entirely on giving Kaden some amazing oral again.

When these guys are done with the foreplay, Kaden Porter gets on his back and opens his leg, letting Kaden inside him and as Kaden fills him up he makes Kaden Porter moan.  Kaden fucks him raw and deep, holding Kaden Porter’s hands down as he drives that cock into him.  They try another position as Kaden Porter gets on all fours and Kaden pounds him from behind, gripping Kaden Porter’s ass tight as he slams that big bareback dick into him.  Kaden can’t take anymore of that tight hole and he shoots his load across Kaden Porter’s ass.  Kaden Porter jerks his own hard cock while Kaden’s deep inside him, cumming all over himself as he strokes out the last drop of jizz!

Released: October 19, 2016

Original upload: 20/10/2016 -matthewmancs
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