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Falcon FVP 024 - Style
Come behind the cameras into the world of male modeling! Who hasn't been turned on by those good-looking sexy guys in the menswear magazines and other glossy fashion spreads? Discover the X-rated action off-camera.

Cast: Leo Ford, Art Williams, Cal Driver, Ron Pearson, Tim Kramer, Todd Baron

Scene 1 - Auditions
A sultry Leo Ford plays with his pud on a white chair with his yellow tee pulled up over the back of his head. A sweaty Todd Baron lifts weights and then pulls down his red sweat pants to show his private assets. Art Williams sets the contrast on high, starting in a sports suit and jacking a load in a big white chair.

Scene 2 - The Book
Tim Kramer and Todd Baron pose for some pictures in front of a monument. Later, the two look at a folder of their pictures, some nude. Todd seems to have taken a shower and Tim must be turned on by the pictures because he starts felling up the towel wrapped around Todd.

Scene 3 - Watercolors
The loop opens with white hands caressing red bikini wrapped dark chocolate buns. The camera switches sides to a close-up of thin pale lips swallowing thick uncut black cock deep enough to meet the tight curly bush it rises from. Still a close-up picture, we watch the reflection in pilot style sunglasses of light blonde hair bobbing back and forth over dark powered meat.
Finally, the camera stops teasing and we see Leo Ford is ham to Art Williams' and Tim Kramer's rye and wheat sandwich.

Scene 4 - Chromes
Cal Driver is selecting photographic slides when Ron Pearson and Todd Baron join him. Cal gropes ass while the other two have their eye on the pictures and instantly, all three are in bed.

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