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UK Hot Jocks - I Quit - Seth Knight and Jake Cullen
It’s a busy day in the office, business as usual. Seth escapes up to the rooftop for a ‘breath of fresh air’, corporate code for a cigarette. It’s something he’s being toiling with for sometime, looking at the packet he suddenly changes his mind, crushing the flimsy box and remaining death sticks before dropping them over the side of the building. Enough is enough! After a big sigh and a moment of reflection he realises he’ll have to deal with his stress in other ways.

Leaning against an air-conditioning unit he arrives at the perfect solution, he needs a good release. Stroking himself into a hardened frenzy right there on the city centre rooftop his faint groans alert Jake, an engineer who’s working behind the big unit Seth is leaning on. Jake sneaks a peek round to catch this horny boy right in the act! Unafraid and each driven by his own horn they watch each other for a moment before getting it on together, without saying a word.

Kissing and sucking in the open air, right in the middle of the city is exhilarating for both guys, they’re up high but still overlooked, anyone could be watching them! After a good chew on each others meat, Jake has the Idea to take this inside, there’s an empty office floor he knows about. Down they go to the vast empty space, nothing filling it except for bright sunlight streaming through the windows… and now two hot young jocks fucking! The light gently touching their silhouettes as Jake fucks Seths tight willing arse is quite beautifully entwined between their passionate thrusts and embrace. Stud Jake pounds Seth, making him moan to excess echoing through the big commercial space. Taking control Seth climbs on top and rides Jakes fat meat till he bursts all over this Irish boys pale skin and colourful tattoos before giving himself a second coat of hot creamy cum. Jake the engineer looks more like a painter/decorator now!

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