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ChaosMen- Vander Bareback Pack 2 (Full 1080p)
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My second pack Of Vander contains 6 Full HD 1080p Bareback video's. The first Pack is here:

Details of this Pack video's are:

CM1482 Dusty & Vander GhOle RAW

Release date: November 24, 2014

Video Number: 1482 Running Time: 23 Mins And 30 Seconds

After several delayed flights, I was worried this shoot was not going to happen. Vander has a very narrow window to shoot in while in grad school, and his summer months tend to be very active playing catch-up. For a very chill dude, he keeps his schedule tight.

Dusty missed his morning flight, then the connecting flights were delayed 4-5 hours, making this a very late evening shoot. He was a little tired after traveling all day, but thankfully the two guys clicked immediately so there was chemistry in the bathroom!

I think Dusty has a rough trade vibe that goes well with Vander. And given the volume of videos that Vander has, it is no surprise that he seems to get along great with everyone. Both guys are very easy going, so I knew if I could just get them in the same room, magic would happen.

They both know how to work the bathroom space, using the trash can and urinal to full advantage. No pissing in this one though, sorry! They just got down to some serious cock sucking and Vander was super ready to be fucked after not only holding out all day to cum, but also the day before. His balls were bursting!

It still surprises me what an eager bottom he is, and how quickly he can nut from getting fucked!

Dusty is just as good at shooting his load on and inside of Vander's hole, leaving him there to play with Dusty's jizz leaking out his hole!

CM1559 Corban & Vander RAW

Release date: March 20, 2015

Video Number: 1559 Running Time: 36 Mins And 27 Seconds

Corban is a completely different dude in this video!

He was fairly closeted when he did his solo/oral video, and would not even suck Jonas, despite him playing with guys in his private life. It was just 'too gay'. He was married at the time, and not Out to any friends. Well that changed, and now he is a way more open. Corban has a new dude in his life and has the family situation in hand. This is an all new Corban!

And boy does he ever let go in this video! What a change! It is raw sex energy unleashed! Seriously, go back and watch his Serviced video with Jonas and compare it to this one. He is downright voracious in this one!

And Vander was surprised too! He had watched his Serviced video also, and was expecting someone to be a reluctant performer. Instead he had a dude hungry for cock! Vander was in total bliss during this video, matching him in energy and cock size!

Corban had a few surprises too. He has always had to fuck guys slow and gentle, and when Vander told him that he literally could not fuck him hard enough, Corban works up a major sweat pounding Vander's hole! He could not believe he was able to fuck so aggressively!

The only issue was getting Corban to cum. Even though he says he is a Total top, it turns out has been getting fucked and really liking it. Vander unloads, so there was no way he was going to fuck him, so we insert out trusty butt plug, and let Corban stroke his cock while sucking on Vander's spent cock. I left the insert in as kind of an OutTake.

Despite this issue, which I think is actually hot, this video will likely go down as many viewers favorite video!

CM1573 Pax & Vander RAW

Release date: May 1, 2015

Video Number: 1573 Running Time: 29 Mins And 19 Seconds

Pax is like a lot of guys with extra thick cocks. He tends to fuck slow and steady, worried that they are gonna hurt the girl or guy they are fucking. So I wanted to put him with someone he could really pound and not worry about hurting anyone.

Vander of course loves it rough, and so far, no cock has been too big!

Pax is still quiet, but he is talking a bit more. He does let go and really get his fuck on in this video. I think he actually liked when Vander would hop off and clean his cock, getting it all slick to fuck some more.

Vander basically worships his cock. Pax does not suck back. Spoiler alert! It was cough and cold season and Pax was coughing the entire time before the shoot. How we got through the video without a major cough attack was amazing, but he didn't think Vander's cock down his throat would help him.

Regardless, it really is all about seeing Vander expertly handle Pax's unit. Watching Pax fumble with Vander's mighty cock might have only been mildly entertaining.

But overall, he said this was his best video yet. He does seem more I inclined for twinks, so that is who I have him setup with next, but he liked working with a gay guy better, loved being able to fuck at a higher speed and with deep penetration.

The Cum shots are perfect on this one. Vander was ready to nut, so fucking him while they spoon was easy and Pax even nails his cumshot in that awkward position.

If you like Ass to Mouth action, it is extra hot watching Pax's cummy cock slide out and have Vander lick it clean!

CM1628 Valentin Petrov & Vander RAW

Release date: August 21, 2015

Video Number: 1628 Running Time: 37 Mins (Approx)

Valentin Petrov approached me about doing a video, and I considered putting him with one of my professional guys, namely Vander.

Valentin has a large body of work, and has been with a lot of the big names in the professional side of the industry. I still consider myself an amateur site, but I do have a few of my own professionals that I count on to help with the newbies.

I think Valentin said he had mostly bottomed, but was down to fuck Vander also. Vander does bottom great, while Topping he really needs someone who is really into bottoming. The two were a match, and it was instant chemistry, as evidenced by the aggressive kissing at the beginning.

It's a long video as these guys take their time pleasing each other. They actually get down to fucking fairly quickly as eating Valentin's ass turned Vander on so much, he couldn't help but fuck his ass.

Ass to mouth action was something both guys were into, and if you love watching a boy clean a cock, you won't be disappointed.

Valentin does a great job Topping, which turned Vander on even more. They almost grudge fuck other, trying to one up the other!

With Valentin able to take Vander's cock so readily, I do believe this is one the few instances where he cums from fucking. He pulls out to spew some seed on his hole, but then plunges it deep inside Valentin!

They swap places so that Valentin can ramp and juice Vander's hole!

A double cream pie ending!

CM1659 Lorenzo & Vander & Zale TagTeam RAW

Release date: November 6, 2015

Video Number: 1659 Running Time: 36 Mins And 35 Seconds

This is Zale's first time doing a TagTeam 3-way and he jumped in mouth first! And what a mouthful!

I am sure Lorenzo has messed around with two guys at once on his own time, but Zale had yet to lose his TagTeam cherry. He tried his best to wrap his mouth around Vander's big cock, but barely managed it. Lorenzo was pretty impressed with his girth too, as they shared sucking duties.

They all swap oral, and it takes Zale some time to find his legs. Once we get him standing, he usually is good about staying hard. They get down on the bed and do great daisy chain suck fest.

Next, they get Lorenzo in the center in a doggy-style position. Lorenzo sucks on Zale's cock, while Vander rims his hole, getting him all lubed up to get fucked. Vander steps up to his back door, but I don't think Lorenzo would be able to handle Vander's thick cock. Change of plan!

So Zale and Vander switch places, and Zale breaks in Lorenzo's ass. Zale was having a great time as the Top. It would have been hot to see him bottom for Vander, but he is so in the zone for Topping in this video, you won't mind a bit.

After getting Lorenzo loosened up, it was time for Vander to open him wide. Vander takes his time sliding it in, and thankfully Lorenzo has no problem. He keeps sucking on Zale as Vander plows his ass.

Zale straddles Lorenzo so Vander can suck and fuck at the same time. This is actually a great position for the guys. They love having something in their mouth while fucking someone!

Lorenzo needs a break, so Vander bottoms for Zale first. Vander is in pig bottom heaven! Lorenzo then dives into Vander ass while sucking Zale. They flip Vander onto his back so Zale can really pound his hole.

Vander starts to get close, so Lorenzo helps his buddy out by sitting on his face. Vander loves to rim and that puts him over the top. Zale fucks the cum out of Vander then Zale cleans up his cock!

Since Zale was eager to keep fucking, Lorenzo was up next to bust. Vander stays at the ready to eat the load of his cock while Zale fucks it out of him! Vander even licks clean Zale's cock, and gets it all lubed up so he can breed Lorenzo's hole.

Zale unloads on his hole, and then shoves it in. Vander is there to suck his cum-soaked cock as it slides in and out of Lorenzo. Vander then eats the cum out of Lorenzo's ass!

CM1702 Atticus & Vander RAW

Release date: January 8, 2016

Video Number: 1702 Runing Time: 31 Mins And 31 Seconds

I have to admit when Atticus first walked in the door, I knew he would look perfect with Vander. Vander can of course work with pretty much anyone, but both have similar builds and body hair.

Atticus, who had previously said he wanted to avoid getting fucked for a couple videos, changed his mind when I told him he would be working with Vander. He said he would try flip-fucking. He may have changed his mind back and forth while waiting for the scene, but he knew he can handle Vander. Eventually, he just didn't want to pass up a chance to sit on Vander's cock.

I let the guys do their thing and chased them around. There is some great cock-sucking, but also a lot of rimming. Both guys love to eat ass!

Atticus starts by fucking Vander, and nothing gets Vander harder faster than being ass rammed. Well, maybe eating ass works slightly better, but it is a close second.

Then it came time for Atticus to take Vander's thick cock. Not going to lie, but it took several tries to get it in. I still don't find the Out Takes on this very interesting, but let's just say it took 3 attempts for Atticus to handle Vander's cock.

You can see the progress of Atticus accommodating Vander's cock on his face. Definitely biting back the pain, but once Vander was in him, the pain turned to pleasure.

I did recommend for one position that Vander lay on top of Atticus like an upward facing sandwich. We have done this a couple times when Vander's mass matches the other guy. They make a hot, hairy, sweaty man sandwich!

This got Vander turned-on so much that Atticus fucked him until he came. At the last second, Vander pulls out and cums all over Atticus's cock! Like a good boy, he cleans up his mess.

Atticus wanted to see if he could fuck until he came. With Vander able to take a pounding after ejaculating, Atticus didn't feel like he had to hold back. Many guys are not keen on getting fucked after they have nutted. Game over! But not with Vander!

Atticus fucks him until he cums, pulls out to show he is nutting then buries the rest of his load inside Vander's hole.

Vander must have been on clean-up duty that day, as he spun around and cleaned Atticus's cock dripping his cum along with the remnants of his own load trapped in his pubic hair.

Both guys left that day feeling fully satisfied, and I am very sure you will be too!

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