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GrabAss - Keeping The Boss Happy
AnalBlowjobSuitBossCondomMuscleFacialGrabAssGrab AssAdam BryantScott Riley

We all know it’s rare to have a cool boss. Even if you have a cool boss, they always have a few annoying habits, but this is a completely different story. Poor Scott has a terrible boss. His boss is always interrupting his work with stunts that cross the line. In fact, the boss exposes himself at least once a day. No kidding. He even has poor Scott dress up in tiny outfits and get him coffee with no pants on. However, Scott is a good sport (he wants to keep his job). He just wonders what the point is. Does the boss just want to fuck with him, or does he actually want to fuck him? Well Scott finds out in a big way when he ends up with the bosses dick in his mouth and up his ass. Maybe now the workplace will be more enjoyable.

Cast: Adam Bryant, Scott Riley
Date Added: Jul 19, 2016
Length: 41 minutes
Studio: GrabAss
Homepage: N/A
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