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Corbin Fisher 0771 Lucas fucks Brody
I don't think there's any denying that, during those last few moments of his first bottoming experience, a switch was tripped in Brody! He's often so quiet and reserved, and even spent most of that hot session too caught up in what was happening to utter a word, yet as he finally blew his load while getting his ass fucked - and had another guy cumming on him - he just couldn't contain how hot he found it all to be and we saw him at his most expressive! It was a risk having his very first guy/guy experience involve getting fucked, but it worked out wonderfully!

I just had to get Brody back in front of the cameras and bottoming again, as that first time at it was not only thoroughly hot but also revealed a great deal of potential for further, even hotter, action! Whereas, during his first time, Brody had no idea what to expect and had to discover those incredible sensations in the midst of such a strange and new experience, things would be different this time around. Brody came in to this session with CF veteran Lucas knowing that what was about to happen was going to feel really darn good, and looking forward to being able to enjoy all of those incredible sensations again!

Indeed, the great feelings     start right away for Brody, here! Lucas wastes little time in getting Brody's dick out and eagerly sucking on it. Brody's hot face is consumed by an expression that leaves little doubt what a good job Lucas is doing and how much he is enjoying it! The two also enthusiastically and passionately kiss, but only after Brody has a chance to suck on Lucas' hard dick for awhile as both studs find their way in to a hot, sixty-nine session!

The two blue-eyed studs quickly go from their hot sixty-nine to Brody getting his tongue buried Lucas' ass! Lucas definitely appreciates the treatment his hole is getting from Brody's tongue, and Brody is so caught up in all of the passion and energy that he's totally intent on making Lucas feel as good as possible with his rim job. As he gets Lucas' hole slick with spit, we half expect him to be the one set to top!

He and Lucas had other plans, though, and Brody is soon on his hands and knees while Lucas gets his hole ready for a pounding. As Lucas begins to slide his dick in to Brody's ass, Brody is moaning, his mouth hanging open and face showing that familiar expression - that mix of disbelief and intense pleasure we saw when he got fucked for the first time!      Lucas has a fast-paced, intense pounding in store for Brody, and soon the bed is shaking and squeaking as he picks up speed. Not only is Lucas thrusting his dick forward in to Brody's ass, but Brody is pushing his ass back on to Lucas' cock!

As Lucas lays back so that Brody can sit on his dick, we can see just how hard Brody's own cock is while Lucas' is thrusting up in to him! Brody goes from jerking himself off to running his hand over his tight, ripped chest while Lucas furiously pounds him from underneath. Whether he's stroking it or not, though, Brody's cock stays hard throughout the entire fucking!

They then get on to their sides, Lucas still fucking Brody from behind while Brody resumes furiously stroking his own dick. Without warning, Brody starts spraying a huge load all over the place, at one point looking back in to Lucas' eyes as he shoots his load! Seeing Brody cum spurs Lucas to fuck harder and faster, and he then sends himself over the top - pulling out to blast his own massive load!

With the help of two of CF's veterans, Brody's now settled right in here at CF and truly gotten to discover some incredible new feelings! I'm eager to see what he gets up to next!

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