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Titan - Dean Coulter & Eduardo - Sc 1, Eruption
The chemistry between these men redefines the meaning of paradise. As Eruption opens, Eduardo introduces us to the pleasures of island heat. Materializing in the morning mist, Eduardo emerges spirit-like amidst a palm grove. With machete in hand and an uncut thickness between his legs, he splits open a coconut to feast on the tender flesh inside. Unsatisfied, his appetite only increases as Dean Coulter approaches and begins to chew his foreskin. Coulter instinctively kicks back on a nearby slab of rock so that Eduardo can work his hole using his talented tongue and dick. After working up a sand-covered sweat, they wash each other in a nearby tidepool before picking up where they left off. Towering over his latest meal, Eduardo shoots a load that even he cannot resist lapping up from CoulterÂ’s stomach. He generously slides back inside the hungry bottom, who soon finds release from the swelling pressure within.

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