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JalifStudio - Kings Of Piss 2
Cast: Aitor Crash, Alex Arcanjo, Angel Hierro, Cristian Torrent, Fran Reyes, Javier Alcazar, Joe Groc, Manu Perro Nash, Marcel Hoffman, Nicos Casanova, Peto Coast, Tom Louis, Turbo Leon, Yenier

Two bikers ride through Barcelona to go to the Piss Party at the best fetish bar in town. Peto Coast and Marcel Hoffmann look great in their leather biker outfits, black helmets, gloves, and boots. They leave their bikes at the entrance and join the party, ready to fuck all the guys from Barcelona.

Berlin Dark Club is already full of wet guys in a non-stop orgy of pissing, fucking and fisting. Joe Groc, Cristian Torrent, Turbo, Manu Perro-Nash, Angel Hierro, and two masked men play dirty yellow games, while Alfa Jota gives a deep blowjob to Peto Coast. By this moment, Marcel Hoffmann and Yenier enter the place. Peto follows them to start one of the most exciting shags of the film (boots licking, double penetration, fisting and facials).

Before that, the three of them piss on Joe Groc in the pissing room. They leave Joe on the floor totally wet, and then Javier Alcazar comes to shoot the longest cum shot you've ever seen over Joe's face. Before leaving the party, you will get a stronger hard on watching big Spanish men Turbo, Manu, and Angel in action.

Next, at one of the best fetish shops in Barcelona, skinhead Nicos Casanova is buying a new pair of shiny black 20-hole boots. Skinhead Aitor Crash goes into the shop to have a look at the new gadgets. He goes to the restroom to have a piss. Nicos follows him to the toilet, where they both piss at the same time. They leave the place to Aitor’s dungeon, where boy Fran Reyes is tied up. Spanking, beer spitting, and pissing over Fran, before Aitor Crash puts him at the street.

Fran will have to explain to his master Alex Arcanjo why he gets home so late and totally wet. Alex abuses Fran with wax, pissing, fucking, and spitting until he cums.

We go back to Aitor's dungeon to assist the final scene. These two muscle hunks will raise the temperature with boot licking, loads of pissing, and hard fuck action. Watching these two skinheads with their big legs and their boots on is a reason enough to watch the movie. Welcome to piss paradise!
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