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Spunk Video - Load Warriors
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Homage to the traveling road warriors of the business world, we brought five hot couples together in our hotel room, and captured some burning man-sex guaranteed to get you off.

1. Lito Cruz, Sage Daniels
Passionate kissing, that enormous cock of Lito's and some hot tongue fucking get this scene started off right! It seems these two really are into each other or is it just Sage? For a newcomer, this boy really makes each scene partner feel like they're special and almost every one of them has fallen in love with this boy, what a casanova! Lito works his meat stick in slow and deep to open that hole up good. Lito really knows what he's doing and gets that hole opened wide. Once it's opened Lito starts to furiously piston fuck with that giant salami and the look on Sage's face is that of someone in pain and ecstasy at the same time: It must hurt so good! A good fuck scene that lasts a while, leaving you wishing you were Sage. Near the end, Lito sure unleashes gallons of pre-cum, which you can see oozing out of Sage's hole before he blows his load all on Sage's hole and then makes sure he gets the rest deep inside. He keeps on fucking until Sage in turn launches his own cum rocket in the air and all over his chest. Lito scrapes cum up for his boy and Sage eats it up without missing a beat. These two have chemistry together! Check them out for yourself if you don't believe me!

2. Rico Furtado, Adam
Hot bodies, big cocks and some great cock sucking open this scene, followed by some intense ass eating... this couple doesn't even need lube, spit is all they use! After a good ass munching and fingering this boy is ready and quivering, waiting for that big uncut cock to go up his hole. Rico teases the boy and makes him wait, he'll almost have that cock in Adam's ass and then he takes it out and back up to Adam's mouth to get it freshly wet so he can make sure he can slam it in balls deep when he's ready to get down to business! Rico means business too once he starts slam fucking Adam's ass! You, the viewer, have a ball-hair's point of view for this ass pounding! Great close ups of everything you really want to see! This is one confident and cocky top too! At one point he crosses his arms and makes Adam take over doing all the hard work. Adam gladly obliges and bumps and grinds his ass on and off Rico's cock.

3. Latin Beef, Tyler Michaels
These two were at another bareback company's nearly-famous sex parties when I snagged them to shoot this scene! They both were "living it up" a little, okay a lot, that evening and Latin Beef getting his ass fucked by Tyler was imminent. So I suggested that they earn some money in the process and that they could also get a little privacy in our hotel room. They both agreed and this is what transpired! Latin Beef is mostly interested in being mostly just a service-oriented hole for guys to get off in... so if you see him somewhere, I'm sure he'd let you pull him aside as long as you use that hole well and leave it wet with your load. Tyler sure likes it as LB sucks, rides, and is very accommodating for Tyler to use that hole to get off with! After Tyler blows his giant cum load all over LB's ass, I haven't seen this much cum in awhile either, he then makes sure all that cum makes it up that ass too!

4. Tor Matthews, Dean Santiago
I found this business man on Craigslist looking for a lunchtime romp. I also knew Dean was into uncut guys in suits... I figured these two should match up like salt and pepper. I liked the juxtaposition of the businessman and the skater-looking guy in long johns for this scene. Tor was a little late to the shoot because he had a little tear in his pants and wasn't sure if that would be a problem or not. I told him it wouldn't be because he'd most likely be naked in this scene. There was no problem until greedy Dean wanted to get that uncut cock in his mouth the quickest way he could and he ripped that hole in Tor's pants wide open and got down to sucking. Luckily it was so hot that I wasn't mad I had to buy Tor a new pair of slacks so he could go back to work after we were finished! After a good cock sucking, Tor throws Dean on his back and his legs in the air so he can work over that hole with a nice wet tongue bath. And like Little Jack Horner sticks in his thumb deep inside to make sure he opens it up enough for his thick uncut cock to fit all the way in, which it does by the way, in case you were wondering. I love a bottom that loves getting fucked so much that they cum first. Dean gets off while Tor is fucking him and there is that sort of pleasure/pain look on Dean's face as he lets Tor keep pumping away until he is satisfied and he in turn bust his nut all over and inside Dean's hole.

5. Josh Weston, Aaron Summers
These two handsome muscle men look great together on screen! Once these two porn veterans made the leap over to bareback video, they wanted to break out of the "box" with this scene and show the world what they were really made of, on their terms. Starting with passionate kissing, they quickly progress to nudity and full on cock sucking. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I witnessed Josh Weston solely as a top that day! I'm not sure if anyone has ever seen that on screen or not before, but it sure looked like Josh had learned a thing or two about topping from all those years of being on the bottom! I hunkered down and held my position not sure if this would ever be captured on film again or not. Josh really does an amazing job on the top! Every couple of minutes in between thrusts, Josh will take his tongue and lick Aaron's hole, making sure it's consistently slippery wet for very easy entry and re-entry! Josh liked topping Aaron so much that he blew two loads in this scene! The first load coats Aaron's insides and the second load we get to see spray all over Aaron's hole! These guys were laughing and had shit-eating grins on their faces by the end of this scene. Which leads me to believe that they really enjoyed their newly found on-screen freedom!

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