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BoyFun - Cum In Handy - Oliver Morgenson - MP4 1080p
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Added: Apr 21st, 2019


What is a horny lad to do when he has an afternoon free and a lifetime of gay porn to watch on his phone? Oliver Morgenson could be spending his time enjoying some BoyFun with a friend, but we all know a hot guy like Oliver likes to enjoy some alone time now and then. Enjoying a sexy scene on his phone and with just a little groping of the bulge in his pants he's slipping off his t-shirt and sliding down his pants, showing us his smooth and tight body and the shape of his quickly growing dick in some very sexy undies. We could enjoy the sight of his lightly defined body in just those skimpy little undies for a while, but it's clear he's on a mission to get off. The bisexual boy isn't wasting time, his big uncut cock is soon out and in his hand, his foreskin easing over the pink fleshy tip of his boner while he works his inches. Everything about this boy is so delicious, but that cock is one of his best assets. His long and slender dick seems to get so hard, so quickly, you have to wonder how often he likes to stroke it. His balls seem heavy while he wanks, swinging slightly back and forth between his fit thighs, his cock only seeming to get stiffer while he plays with it and glances back to the porn playing on his phone. Not one to miss an opportunity for a little more pleasure his free hand slides down, one leg in the air, his fingers reaching for the tight little pucker between his ass cheeks. Kneeling on the couch he gives himself better access to the place we'd all love to be, his hole winking at you, begging you to come and fill his tight ass with your own thick tool. And who would be able to resist such an offer? Certainly not any of us. We're not sure what he's thinking about as he rises to focus on his efforts, but we can be quite sure it's a horny scene playing in his head as his breaths become heavy and his stroking speeds up, a gooey flood of semen pumping from his cock to splash out over the floor. It's clear from the amount of cum splashing from his hooded tip and dripping down to the wooden floor that he really needed to empty those balls.

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