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Chaos Men - 2123 - Damien Reign & Timmy- RAW
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Damien was really interesting when it came to his limits. He was fine with fucking a dude, but sucking on a guy was going to be challenging for him. Yet, rimming another dude was completely fine. We were also surprised that he kissed his first time. My guess is the reason he was worried about sucking dick was that his gag reflex would be an issue. Not that he didn't want to put a cock in his mouth.

Rimming and even kissing are usually the last thing I can get newbies to try. But he says he loves to eat women's asses, so he didn�t think it would be that much different. Of course, I gave him an extra-large cock to start sucking on, which was clearly more than he could handle. But he made it happen, though you can tell he is fighting his gag reflex.

I nudged him to do some rimming and the boy dived in deep. No hesitation there! I think it actually worked out well, as it put Timmy in the mindset to get fucked.

Timmy rides Damien's cock first, getting his ass loosened up in case Damien fucked aggressively in other positions. And sure enough, Damien is very aggressive when it came to fucking.

Timmy sure didn't mind though, his cock is dripping precum while Damien fucks him doggie-style!

So, it was pretty easy for Damien to fuck the cum out of Timmy. Damien even managed a to cream pie Timmy's hole.

We will see if Damien is willing to Bottom. He was surprised out how easily and intensely that Timmy shot his load from being fucked. It got his curiosity going, but we will have to wait and see.
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