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Damon Dogg's Cum Factory - The Cumming A Cockalypse
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Cast:  Damon Dogg, Chad Brock, Cole Hudson, Jack Kash, Jerry Stearns, Jesse O'Toole, Mitch Tyler

Director:  Damon Dogg, Nick Moretti

Producer:  Scott Morris

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 38 min

Year: 2012

Studio :  Damon Dogg's Cum Factory

Just as the Mayans predicted and the Preacher man preached. Here cums the acockalypse. Well, maybe not exactly what they had in mind. But, Damon Dogg's The Cumming Acockalypse does have some big cocks and they are all cumming in a way that most likely would break the Richter scale with volcanic explosions of sperm from big hard cocks and monsoon like floods of cum that turn butt holes into sink holes.

Scene one of The Cumming Acockalypse features Jack Kash getting "his porn cherry popped" by Damon. There’s lots of manly kissing and nipple pinching, and you can hear the tremors in Jack’s voice as he cums in Damon’s ass. Next, Cole Hudson (Damon’s "new cum dump"image gets broken in, first by Jerry Stearns in scene two and then again by Damon himself in scene three. Scene three is actually a flip-flop fuck, but I think it’s safe to say Damon’s broken in by this point. Scene four was filmed on Halloween day and features a festive "Masked Intruder" on screen running a second camera as well as Mitch Tyler, Damon’s "trick with a treat." Damon doesn’t fuck in scene five, but while he directs, Jesse O'Toole and Chad Brock do. They make a great pair, and I especially loved the casual conversation between them and Damon at the end.

The Cumming Acockalypse doesn’t have the shiny gloss of other studios’ films. In fact, none of Damon’s films do. But they certainly don’t have that bargain-basement, random let’s-throw-a-couple-scenes-together feel either. I mean, shit – the movie has its own original soundtrack and theme song. If you don’t like bareback porn, I can’t help you. But if you love watching real men fucking raw, then The Cumming Acockalypse is all you, baby.


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