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Kristen Bjorn - Gangsters at Large
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"Gangsters at Large" (1996) is Kristen Bjorn's most heavily plotted movie. In fact, we know it's his most scripted effort because Kristen himself says so in the behind-the-scenes commentary if we couldn't tell from the complicated plot.
The storyline revolves around a conflict between the Colombian and Russian mobs in Miami, with the Russians running a successful white slave trade in hunky models. (Yes, of course we've heard of the Russian mafia's famous interest in stud sales, haven't you?) Originally, British performer Marc Anthony was to have played a James Bond type, but instead American Steve Sax plays a kind of 1930s private investigator hired to find missing model Tyler Gray, thought to have been kidnapped by the Russians. Steve accepts the assignment based on a big cash advance received anonymously in the mail, along with a written explanation. Frankly, we'd be suspicious under those circumstances, but considering Steve is slumping at his desk with an open bottle of vodka at the time we suspect his professional standards may not be up to snuff. Steve's interest may also have to do with Tyler's dark-haired good looks (he really looks like a model); Steve immediately has a romantic, black-and-white fantasy of Tyler jacking off.
Steve then trots right over to the Russians' Miami modeling agency where cutie Alexei Gromoff meets him at the door. Steve poses as an aspiring model and asks prying questions about Tyler, whose picture is on the wall; but unfortunately he unwisely accepts a drink from boss man Akos Matyas and ends up in a daze while young Alexei and blond, shaggy-haired stud Boris Tomin rip his clothes off. Akos continues to take pictures as the three fuck and suck in a variety of positions, with Alexei fucking Steve, and both Steve and Boris fucking Alexei. Particularly nice is Boris' athletic pounding of thickly-built Alexei in missionary and doggy positions. Akos is able to stroke his own sizable dick while photographing, showing admirable coordination. After much cum is spilled, Steve is blindfolded, bound, and ball-gagged and hauled off to a dungeon, and Akos and his buddies gloat over the hot pictures he took.
So what else is going on in Miami? Well, at the "Colombian Mob Lair" (as the subtitle names a huge Miami mansion) hunky short-stuff Julio Velasquez, dressed in a suit, is nagging his ne'er-do-well "brother" Carlos about his pot-smoking and general lack of motivation. But the last straw is when he catches him sucking off well-endowed security guy Tony Tarango. Julio threatens to call daddy and report his misdoings. Carlos is evidently worried about being disinherited, because he agrees to suck big brother's dick as well if he keeps quiet. Considering the sensuous way he was deep-throating Tony (no mean feat considering its size), it's no wonder Julio wanted blackmail payment in fellatio. After both cum on Carlos' face outside, they go into the mansion and Julio orders Tony to fuck Carlos. Surely Carlos' initial reluctance is just window-dressing, because he thoroughly enjoys Tony's rough pounding, with lots of exits and re-insertions. Julio shows himself to be cut from the same cloth as his brother; later on he deep-throats Tony in a very similar style, taking turns with Carlos. Julio's cum-shot here has to be seen to be believed -- while the squirts don't go far, they're huge, and thick jets of cum pour out of his thick cock like a spigot and seem to go on forever. Tony's follow-up load is almost as voluminous. Carlos then mounts Tony reverse-cowboy; the three form a suck-chain out on the balcony; and finally Julio can't resist getting some of Tony's big cock up his own hairy hole. There are great shots here of Julio's big, bull-like, low-hanging cock and balls as he's bent over the leather couch with Tony pounding away while Julio sucks his brother.
After concluding their sex session, Julio receives a call: the Russians have kidnapped their cousin! Uh-oh. Now they're in for it! Steve, meanwhile, is imprisoned in a nice dungeon with some leather cuffs and chains against the wall, rather like a fashionable S&M club. He evidently enjoys it, since he's naked with a raging hardon. He spies both Tyler and Rafael Perez in a chain-link cage across the room, and easily frees himself from his bonds using his teeth. (Not very bright, these Russians.) But before he can rescue them, he naturally has to suck their hard cocks through the chain link. Of course, standard operating procedure when rescuing hunks from a dungeon. Rafael, the Colombian cousin, is a real stunner -- very dark skin, well built, flashing white teeth, and black eyes with mischievous glint. Of course, instead of beating a hasty retreat, the three have more sex in the dungeon, Steve and Rafael taking turns fucking Tyler before Steve fucks Rafael with a black dildo until Rafael shoots a gigantic load that covers Tyler's beautiful face. (Bjorn reveals in the commentary that this was supposed to be a romantic two-way scene between Steve and Tyler, but neither was very interested in the other. Instead, they both wanted to do exotic foreigners, so Rafael was brought in to spice things up. And we're so glad he did.)
Next we're treated to a visit to one of the Russians' much-discussed slave auctions. In a confusing turn of events, Akos, the modeling agency manager, is now manacled on stage with Kalman Faludi, both with raging hardons. (Perhaps Akos was not doing his job well enough, or was overthrown in a coup -- we hear that modeling is a cutthroat business.) Thick bodybuilder Csaba Zsiros is dragged onto stage in chains, which he promptly breaks while incessantly roaring like The Incredible Hulk. He frees his pals and they begin to have sex on stage. Meanwhile, all this is being witnessed by a crowd of fifteen studly men in black leather masks in the audience, and the more Csaba yells, the hornier they get. Pretty soon they're all groping, sucking, and making out while watching the guys on stage. There's plenty of rimming, too, both on stage and off. Both bodybuilder Csaba and big-dicked Akos fuck square-jawed Kalman. The audience concludes their orgy (no fucking) by dousing one participant with numerous loads.
Well, don't mess with Colombian families! They show up at the Russians' sumptuous headquarters, guns in hand, in the persons of tall Adriano Marquez and Pedro Pandilla. Evidently, a new slave has just arrived there in the form of blondish American Garret Hunt, who is rolled out of an oriental carpet (à la Cleopatra) for the amusement of Alexei, Sergei Jordanov and Ivan Cseska. When the Colombians confront them, Alexei comes up with a novel solution: "Let's settle this like men -- who has the biggest dick, the Russians or the Colombians?" (If only the world's politicians could see it that way, since that's usually what war is about anyhow.) They proceed to have a sucking contest, a rimming contest, and a fucking contest. In the rimming contest the asses are arranged in formation like a cheerleaders' pyramid -- a butt-buffet for Alexei and Adriano. In the fucking competition, big-dicked Pedro fucks Garret while Ivan fucks lean, macho Adriano. Alexei and Sergei jack each other off to one side. The boys continue, however, even when there are no more contests. Alexei fucks handsome, manly Sergei (we don't think we've ever seen him bottom elsewhere) and Pedro sits and bounces on Ivan's dick.
You may wonder why nobody seems too intent on rescuing the slaves anymore. Well, it doesn't have to make sense, since it turns out to be a dream that Steve is having. How very Victoria Principal in "Dallas." He's not a "private dick," as he was fond of saying, but just Tyler's boyfriend. My my. What a lovely wet dream that was. Tyler is lucky enough to get Steve's load on his face, in fact.
This is a great production from the period when Bjorn was moving towards increasingly large and elaborate productions. Here's how "Gangsters at Large" fares on the Porn Emperor's Kristen Bjorn Cum-Shot Toteboard: 58 featured cum-shots, plus another 12 by the guys in the orgy (some of which might be duplicates from different angles -- but we don't think so). That's a total of 70, many of which are quite voluminous. Should be enough to satisfy even the staunchest cum-fetishist. And the sex isn't too bad, either.

Performers: Adriano Marquez, Akos Matyas, Alexei Gromoff, Boris Tomin, Carlos Velasquez, Csaba Zsiros, Garret Hunt, Ivan Cseska, Julio Velasquez, Kalman Faludi, Pedro Pandilla, Rafael Perez, Sergei Jordanov, Steve Sax, Tony Tarango, Tyler Grey.

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