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Cocked And Loaded 2002 640x480 1h28m53s MP4 1023 MBs

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Title: Cocked And Loaded 2002
Run time: 89 minutes
Stars: Thom, Boonyang, Somkid
Director: John Hayman

Description: Big-dicked Chanyut and Ittipol are enjoying a day at a resort learning how the animals do it when they spot cutie Boonyang and lure him home to further their education. The young stud is quickly deprived of his clothes and subjected to all manner of intrusions including a humming three-way fuck-fest. Elsewhere, Somkid has 'lost' Tersak and upon finding him makes him abandon all hopes for a meal until ardor and relief are sated. Finally, super-stud Santipong picks up Kamol on a dark street corner and gets a few surprises along the way. Believe me, they're Cocked & Loaded.

Sex Acts: Anal Sex, Rim Job, 3-Way, Finger cuffing - Anal, Throat Fucking, Oral Sex
Positions: Missionary, Laying, Reverse Cowgirl, Kneeling, Doggy Style, Standing Missionary, Cowgirl, Standing Doggy Style
Settings: Bedroom

2257 Compliance
Movie Title: Cocked And Loaded
Production date: 2002-10-16
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

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Island Caprice
711 E. Walnut St. Suite 211
Pasadena, CA
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