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Alpha Males - Brock Rustin and Parker Kane flip fuck 1080p
AlphaMales - Brock Rustin and Parker Kane (FHD).mp4
REL. Dec/11/2014 studio Bareback that Hole____
Rerelease Oct/29/2018 studio AlphaMaleFuckers_____

FILE NAME: AlphaMales - Brock Rustin and Parker Kane (FHD).mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, isom, Duration : 26 min 20 s, Bit rate : 5 000 kb/s Screen Resolution : 1 920P X 1 080P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9

Parker Kane gets flipped from raw top to bareback bottom by Brock Rustin in this wild scene of sex and lust. It's an Exclusive as Brock has never topped on camera but as you'll see the sex was just too hot for him to resist They both suck and slurp on each other's cock, eat and rim each other's hole as they eagerly build up to some hot fucking. Parker slides his thick swollen cock into Brock's ginger hole as he rides him raw, thrusting his hips as he fucks him hard. Brock is held down and pounded by Parker again and again and just when you thought it wouldn't get any better Brock reverses roles and flips into Top when his hard ginger cock fucks Parker in return. Once in his ass, Brock pumps and grinds into him deep. Parker can't believe it himself as his ass is slammed over and over again.
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