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The Unlawful (1997) Fox mp4
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director Thor Stephens

Chance Caldwell
Dan Hopper
Duncan Starr
Flex Gordon
Joey Stefano
Ken Adams
Luke Bender
Max Grand

Duncan Starr and Max Grand star as handsome young cops who are tempted by each other's sexual prowess after they spend the greater part of the day being seduced by vicariously watching hot, muscled young men having sex in their back yards. This all happens as the two rockie cops investigate indecent exposure complaints from neighbors of copulating young studs throughout the realm of Hollywood. Muscle to muscle and cock to cock, competition body builder, Flex takes on equally built physique photographer Dan Hopper and shows him just how big and thick his huge cock is and how good it will feel. Steve Kennedy's big dick is hard to resist by Chance Caldwell after lying in the sun all day, It heats up to a memorable fuck and suck episode around the pool in their back yard. Duncan and Max take no prisoners but rookie Max who just about had enough teasing for the day begins to lust after Duncan's bulging crotch. Pent up desires for this blond, uniformed, stud burst open. He can hold back his fantasies no longer as their shift nears its end and Max lets all reason go. He seduces Duncan so that he eagerly desires Max's lips around his huge throbbing cop cock! Max gets on his knees in ecstasy, whips out his own whopper and indulges Duncan in extra heavy rockie cock worship. Cop fetishists take note!
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