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Bulldog XXX - Bulldog Brutal
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Extreme anal stretching and deep exploration into the world of butt sluts and cock hungry studs. Bulldog presents its Brutal compilation, featuring the most hardcore scenes from its archive; double fisting and dildo play is rife and cock achingly horny!! Including banned material, showing Ashley Ryder reaching his limit and being pushed beyond with unbelievably huge anal toys.
Starring: Lewis Quintini, Eustus Hunt, Ashley Ryder, Leonardo, Jensen Lomax, Malco, Drake, Dan Vega, Ben Taylor, Matthieu Paris, Lisandro
Really love the rugged, macho sex? Want to be shocking, or just see what is possible, how far we can push the boundaries of hardcore gay porn?! Get your DVD Bulldog Brutal! Double fisting, piss, rough anal games with incredibly large dildo, oral and anal sex and much more. Bulldog Brutal! is both a choice harshest hardcore scenes in new directorial excerpts and uncensored, including extended versions, and these scenes were selected from the films Sweat!, Hung!, Meat!, Tools!, Studs! and Butt Sluts!. Picture Bulldog Brutal! brings the "extended" version of scenes - a completely uncensored, including shots that were hard for its extreme nature omitted in previous films Bulldog Bulldog XXX or Red! Nearly three hours of incredible gay sex rough and extreme sexual practices all the way, come and see how far you can go and you will certainly be very surprised ... Studio Red Bulldog mainly produces rougher films with S / M themes, humiliation and dehumanization younger submissive guys mature and experienced men muscular and furry characters. Bulldog Red - these are movies full of hardcore rough sex, rape, sexual and psychological humiliation and S / M practices.

1. Lewis Quintini, Eustus Hunt

2. Ashley Ryder OgrAbtRgr, Jenson Lomax OgrAtRg, Leonardo (bd) OgrAtbRr

3. Gone Fishing  
Drake (bd) Ab, Malko (bd) At

4. Ashley Ryder Ab, Dan Vega At
Super Bottom Ashley Rides Again!! Muscle-bound stud Dan Vega kills time by filling Ashley at both ends with his delicious cock. Tasting his sweat, Ashley eats out Dan's awesome armpit, tasting every part of him. Dan's a fucking fit dark haired muscle man who will leave your cock bursting with cum!! One of the best chests seen in ages, it's perfectly formed with a splattering of chest hair. He works Ashley's butt to perfection, loosening it up before the total ass thrusting action he gives.

5. Ben Taylor (eu), Matthieu Paris
Horse hung Ben Taylor meets hairy, tattooed Matthieu and the hard, rough fuck session begins! Both studs are truly hot and Matt's thick dick throbs as he gags on Ben's monstrous dick, tasting sweat, spit and ass, these horny fuckers dive onto each others cocks, getting face fucked and feeling the rock solid cock slide down their throats. Teasing Matt with his throbbing head, Ben gets him to push against his dick, feeling it slide deep into him until both studs are breathless with the pushing and pulling of dick into ass, they both explode cum all over their chest and faces. This scene is amazingly horny and will make you harder than you've ever been in your life!

6. Ashley Ryder, Lisandro (bd)

7. Ashley Ryder OgAbRr, Lee Jaguar OrAtRg

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 3:00:14
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