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Corbin Fisher - ACM2307 - Devon Feeds Rocky
Rocky and Devon fit together like a key in a lock - both of them are sculpted and toned, but Devon is big and ripped, while Rocky has a taller, leaner build, so they look great together. Devon knows exactly what he wants, and after some intense making out he goes right to his knees to take Rocky’s huge cock down his throat.  After a long, hot blowjob, Rocky chows down on the buffet that is Devon’s big, muscular ass, giving him an expert rimjob before plowing him senseless!

Rocky gets Devon’s legs up on his shoulders and really goes to down, before bending him over the couch and railing him until he cums all over Devon’s hot ass. This gets Devon so hot and bothered that he orders Rocky down onto his knees so he can cum in his mouth and all over his face!
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