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Hand in Hand - Times Square Strip
I was SO excited to find this on another board so I wanted to share it.  I used to have this on a VHS compilation someone made me years ago but I've never been able to find it since, until now.

A true relic of a bygone era, TIMES SQUARE STRIP (1983) is set and was shot in and around the famous (now gone) Gaiety Burlesque Theater in Times Square.  It tells the story of a corn fed middle-American boy (Buddy Preston) who comes to NYC to become a Gaiety stripper.  My favorite performer is hottie Philip Wagner (here billed as "Luke") who plays a bitchy stripper at the club.  Hot, funny, well-plotted pre-condom classic that should be better well known than it is.  

from the bijou website:

Jack Deveau's last film brings an authentic story with the its real characters to the screen. Life is rough and the sex is steamy, from glitter to the gutter, the Times Square's Gaiety Theater displays the real world of male burlesque.

Cock and ball dance numbers are introduced by the costumed M.C; shots of butch men and drag queens intertwine with sex scenes. Like the Adonis Theater and the infamous Mineshaft, the world of Times Square is gone forever.

Darryl (Buddy Preston) is an Iowa farm boy who lands a job as a dancer at the Gaiety Male Burlesque in Times Square.  Dance numbers are interspersed with sex scenes, and three attractive Latin young men warm things up. Darryl performs a long strip routine for an audience in his underwear, shaking his nice cock and balls once he is nude.

Jack Moore (a boyish Latino with a big, uncut dick), joins Tony West (curly haired and tough) and has sex on the sofa. Tony's big dick is cockringed, and he fucks sexy Jack, fast, up the butt. Both men jack off and cum. Meanwhile, redheaded Jerry Overton is fucked over a stairwell, doggie style, by a short-haired leatherman. They mutually jack off an explode cum loads. More strip routines are performed: an SS officer, a female impersonator, a unicyclist, and a couple of black men, and then, two men on roller skates – with hard-ons.

Jerry and Tony couple again for an oral session – with good closeups. Darryl later couples with a macho and well-defined black man. Larger-than-life closeups are presented as he sucks the man's uncut meat.
Darryl with Tony and more stripteases are also featured.

This film, Jack Deveau's last, features an attractive and diverse cast, and an exciting musical score. “... his passion for preserving sexuality and sensuality on screen goes unsurpassed with this near-perfect production.” – Torso

“Times Square Strip is, then, something of a hybrid – a cross between a straightforward (gayforward?) sex film and a plotted narrative. Those who have clamored for more depth in their porno movies should definitely see it. Those for whom plot is secondary to the 'action' will see plenty to satisfy themselves.” – Gay Scene

“There is a lot of dialogue, mostly backstage gossip about dates and clothes, the same kinds of conversations you would probably hear in the Rockette's dressing room at Radio City Music Hall. The actors handle this pretty well. Several of the guys in Strip are Hispanic, which is a nice change from the usual all-WASP lineup in gay porn movies, and at least one is hung well enough to satisfy you size queens out there.” – GayLife Erotica, August 25, 1983
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