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Aim to Please (2001) Falcon-Mustang
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Chi Chi LaRue

Billy Brandt
Billy Kincaid
Cameron Fox
Eric Leneau
Jackson Price
Jason Branch
Jeremy Jordan
Jon Galt
Nick Young
Vince Ditonno

Featuring New Exclusive Vince Ditonno! Starring Exclusives Billy Brandt, Cameron Fox, and Jeremy Jordan. Featuring Jackson Price, Jason Branch, Billy Kincaid, Eric Leneau, Nick Young, and Jon Galt. This group of pumped and primed studs know exactly how a man wants to feel--and they know exactly how to satisfy.

1. Cameron Fox, Jackson Price
The couple in Room 35 know that the way to a man's heart is through hot erotic pleasure. Cameron Fox and Jackson Price throat each others rock-hard cocks in a fleshy feast. Then Cameron plunges his thick long cock up Jackson's tight hole, pounding desire into orgiastic splendor.

2. Vince Ditonno, Nick Young, Billy Kincaid
Vince Ditonno and Nick Young interrupt Billy Kincaid as he works his own cock. Soon these studs get down to some serious sexual antics....reminding us that three's the crowd you want to be in!

3. Jason Branch, Eric Leneau, Jon Galt
Meanwhile, in another room, Jason Branch, Eric Leneau, and Jon Galt set their goals on an intense session of fucking, sucking, and load-blowing manplay that will send you into a satisfying lusty fever.

4. Jeremy Jordan, Billy Brandt
Jeremy Jordan awakens dozing Billy Brandt with his own brand of expert oral skill and devotion. Billy returns the favor by opening up and burying himself deep within the warmth of Jeremy's hole.
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