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UK Naked Men - Alexis Belfort and Nick North
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Alexis is sanding some bits and pieces of a project down, to meet his own exacting standards of craftsmanship. Boss man Nick North is surprised to see him working alone again.
“Where’s Andro?” He asks, Alexis explains that he’s called in sick, again. Nick is furious, smacks the work bench and professes his annoyance for the excused.
“Fine, I’ll just have to get my hands dirty and help out, carry on” Though Alexis can barely take his eyes off Nick as he strips off his shirt for an apron. Offering to help him tie it at the back is his excuse to get his hands on his hot boss. They wander… no complaints. Maybe Nick could do with some stress relief. The apron is off as quick as it was on, they kiss and caress each other, beard rubs against beard and hard-ons against workwear. Nick picks up Alexis and chucks him around the big bench. Both flexible guys, there are some hot as hell positions, open and stretched, a crystal clear view of Nick banging the fuck out of Alexis’s perfect arse!
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