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Muscle Up (2004) Colt DVD
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director John Rutherford

Adam Dexter
Carlo Masi
Chris Wide
Dave Angelo
Edu Boxer
Mike Dasher
Pierro Sias
Roger Danik

The naturally muscular Colt Man has never been seen better than in Muscle Up!. Award-winning producer/director John Rutherford has assembled a first rate cast brought to America from all over the world to make a movie that could only be made here on U.S. soil. Five scenes of dramatic sexual power beautifully photographed in the golden California desert sun. Two memorable scenes with Carlo Masi, a big fan favorite, who bottoms on camera for the first time. A charged final scene of Latin Lust as Edu Boxer is captured both on top of and underneath the water by Rutherford's special camera.

Nine of the most muscular bodies to be seen in gay adult videos today are brought together in the pool of a desert resort and its picturesque surroundings. Memorable Colt Men. Memorable action. Memorable surroundings. Typical John Rutherford.

Carlo Masi tops Mike Dasher in the poolside lounge chairs. It's powerful action all the way as Carlo nails the man from down under into a poolside lounge chair, setting up a surprise for later.

Scene two has Dave Angelo where he likes to be - firmly in control! The big French-Canadian towers over Lee Young, a compact Asian muscle boy clearly in awe of Angelo. The two virtually boil the water over in the pool as they enjoy each others bodies - Angelo enjoying his natural dominance, Young enjoying his submission fully.

Scene three features muscle worshipping sex at its finest. Chris Wide encounters Roger Danik in the poolside garden. They flex for each other and kiss each other's muscles. They feel the muscle that matters and soon are worshipping each other close and personal.

Scene four finds Carlo and Adam Dexter in the hot tub. First Carlo enjoys Adam's chocolate mansicle, and then Adam enjoys returning the favor. After a second round of cock sucking, Adam takes Carlo's ass by the side of the hot tub and drives his point home.

The final pivotal scene is a passionate encounter of Edu Boxer and Pierro Sias. This is a scene of Latin passion as Edu controls and dominates Pierro. The action is followed beautifully both on top of the water and underneath as well.
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