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Love in the Time of Civil War (2014) 720p BluRay x264-MM
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Love in the Time of Civil War

Alex is a young addict caught in spiral of compulsion, selling his body to men in an seemingly endless cycle of drugs and sex.

Country: Canada
Language: French
Subtitles: English (hard)
Duration: 120 mins
IMDb: 7.1
Director: Rodrigue Jean
Writers: Ron Ladd
Stars: Alexandre Landry, Jean-Simon Leduc, Simon Lefebvre
US Distributor:

Official Selection:  Toronto International Film Festival 2014
Official Selection:  Festival du nouveau cinema de Montréal 2014
Official Selection:  MIX Festival de cine y video Mexico City 2015
Official Selection:  Queer Lisboa International Queer Film Festival 2015
Official Selection:  Chéries-Chéris lesbien, gay, bi, trans, queer de Paris 2015

Plot Keywords:
Abuse, Addiction, Crime, Prostitution, Gay Sex, Chemsex, Nudity, Anal Sex, Slamming, Male Frontal Nudity, Sexuality, Drug Dealer, Gay Club,  Male Hustler, Pickups, Drugs, Alcohol, Compulsion ...

Movie Info:
Alex is a young addict who sells his body in Montreal's Centre-Sud district. He's flanked by Bruno, Simon, Jeanne, Eric and Velma, all of them caught in the same spiral of compulsion. Hostage to society's market logic, they are the fallen angels of a dark and violent time. Yet their beauty somehow survives, rebellious amid the ruins. From one fix to the next, desire becomes a life raft, as their bodies, exultant, seek to avenge the humiliation to which they are condemned. Orphans of a wild tribe, they live and love, restless vagrants in the shadows of society's comfort and indifference. An unflinching, topical look at the darker side of gay life 'Love in the Time of Civil War' is heart-stoppingly captivating.

Eschewing any explanation or backstory, this brutal drama simply observes the dark world of addiction and prostitution - and finds the beauty in the darkness. The boys in this movie - Alexandre Landry, Jean-Simon Leduc, Simon Lefebvre and Eric Robidoux - are all smokin' hot. They're not afraid to lay it all bare in this movie (both their bodies and their souls). Rodrique Jean has earned great acclaim in his native Canada. He's also been fascinated with the world of male hustlers for a long while. Make sure to check out his documentary Men for Sale.

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