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Raw Joxxx - Condom Break 2
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Chad Brock fucks the hell out of his boy toy Rowdy McBeal but then has to give up his slut hole to take Kamrun's black meat. Justin Jameson breaks the condom just to bareback the slut hole of Danny Lopez and hot hairy muscle daddy Tober Brandt breaks his condom on Dominic Sol's slut hole!

1. Chad Brock likes his boys and Rowdy McBeal loves his daddy's. But Rowdy likes to play it safe when he can and of course Chad is a huge barebacker! This all starts innocently with some hot cock sucking and ass eating but when Chad is just about to start fucking Rowdy, he makes him put a condom on. Chad obliges then bends over his boy toy and starts fucking him. He fucks him so hard the condom breaks and Chad doesn't say anything but keep fucking this boy and showing him how to take a real raw cock!

2. Making out on a make shift bed, Kamrun and Chad Brock get a serious hardon for each other real quick. Chad didn't waste time getting that black uncut cock down his throat knowing full well he was gonna get it in his ass real soon. He gave up his hairy hole for Kamrun to eat out and get it all juicy before he slapped a condom on Kamrun's thick meat cause he figured he was just a big ol slut. Kamrun bent him over and slide it up there and starting pumping away. It wasn't until half way thru the fuck session he realized a different sensation and that the condom was broken. He kept fucking the slut ass of Chad anyways as he didn't seem to

3. Big muscle on big bubble butt. That is Justin Jameson screwing the fuck out of Danny Lopez. These two off camera lovers get their shit on with some hot kissing, nipple sucking and deep face fucking action that even gets the camera man all hot and bothered. Danny then bends over and shows his beautiful ass and tight slut hole to Justin so he can eat it out and get it all ready to be used. But not before Danny makes Justin throw on a condom first. Once Justin starts power fucking that tight bubble butt the condom breaks but Justin doesn't care and just keeps ramming that hole bareback as it was meant to be. By the time Danny finds out the condom broke it was too late!

4. It was the end of the video shoot and Tober Brandt wanted a nice used loose muscle hole to fuck and breed so I gave him Dominic Sol to use and abuse as his boy toy. Tober went right to work by face fucking Dominic's hot boy face and making him gag on his daddy cock. Of course Dominic could take it and wanted it more. So Tober put Dominic in the sling so he could get better access to his hot hairy muscle hole and eat it out to get it nice and wet. Dominic insisted on a condom so Tober put one on, but he had other plans. After he got him moaning in ecstasy he tore a hole in the condom when the bent him over so he wouldn't notice then slid it in him raw and kept pumping that slut hole until he shot his load!

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