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Treasure Island - Fearless
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Hairy men, dominant men, submissives bent over and begging for a double-dicking, lean and muscular men awash in sweat and semen, in rage and rut, no-fear no-limits fuck-aholics. My men--the men of TIM--go at sex and life with an attitude summed up in the title of my newest video: FEARLESS.
From total sex-slaves to dominant brutal fuckers, from submissive ex-Marines to testosterone-driven studs with baseball-sized meat swingin' between their legs. These fuckers lay it all on the line to explore the extremes of real man-to-man sex.
Slave-dog WILL, BRAD MCGUIRE, TIM exclusive CHRISTIAN, horse-hung stud JERRY STEARNS, DEREK ANTHONY, STEVE TUCK, SEAN STORM, PHOENIX MICHAELS, ALAN GREGORY, MARCELO MASKO, FYERFLI, JACOB SCOTT...and a horde of sex-ramped wildmen. Fearless fucking man-apes doin' what they were born to do. Here's what happens when you put 'em together and let the testosterone run free.

1. Double-Dicking Will  
Will (Bottom) Ab, Jerry Stearns At, Chuck Berdoo At
TIM's resident slave-slut--WILL is his name--loves two things in life: obeying men and worshipping cock. Put 'em together and you've got one happy slave.
I decided to start WILL's duties at TIM off right by stretching his hungry fuckhole so it'd be ready for all future fuck-sessions. We put together a group of big-dicked tops and told them to make this the double-dick fuck of all time.
Six hole-stretchin' big-dicked studs climbed up and shoved in deep. And WILL, a fuckin' hungry pup with a voracious ass, loved every minute of this punishing endurance session.
By the end, you'll swear one cock at a time just ain't enough. And with all the sweat 'n' jizz leaking out of his stretched-out bunghole, good-dog WILL was one satisfied slave.

2. "Fuckin' Hurt Me, Man!"  
Christian (tim), Derek Anthony (tim)
I'm a dyed-in-the-wool fan of our TIM exclusive CHRISTIAN. And pairing him up with TIM exclusive big-dicked daddy DEREK ANTHONY turned out to be as fuckin' intense as I'd hoped.
There's a bit of the sexual masochist in CHRISTIAN: he loves being ram-fucked soul-deep. And horse-daddy DEREK has the ability---and the equipment---to oblige.
A huge beautiful cock, a perfect fuckhole, a great coupling of two men in rut.

3. Perfect Fuck (TIM2)  
Jim (tim) Ab, Jerry Stearns At
Hairy-chested submissive JIM had been writing to me for a very long time, asking if he could please take a turn swingin' on JERRY STEARNS' massive king-kong schlong. And since MR. STEARNS has a thing for lean muscular white boys, this wasn't hard to get going.
The result was fuckin' spectacular. Once he feels Jerry's cock sliding up inside him, JIM goes into that euphoric place that a bottom goes when he's gettin' what he's dreamed of. And JERRY--a true master-stud--backs up size with know-how, driving the helpless bottom fuckin' ape-shit. This hapless bottom's sex-hole is punch-fucked, deep-fucked, thick-fucked, merciless fucked. JERRY teases then slides deep, stretching out that welcoming cock-warmed manhole until it's claimed and renamed: "This hole belongs to JERRY. End of story."
After JERRY dumps a monumental load deep inside JIM, the bottom's in a state of religious awe. He can't let go of JERRY's meat and begs to lick and slurp all the jizz and tangy ass-juice off the still-throbbing cock.
Once in a while sex is a doorway to something sublime. This pairing is exactly that.
found in compilation Jerry Steanrs, Legendary Stud

4. Daddy Fucks His Little Boy  
James Douglas, Steve Tuck
JAMES DOUGLAS has one of the finest and most fuckable asses on the planet. And I've been hankering to see him in one of my videos for a very long time but I wanted the action to be perfect---worthy of DOUGLAS' twin fleshglobes of fuckability.
When I was in LA interviewing men, sexy muscle-daddy STEVE TUCK dropped in. When he peeled down his pants and showed me his beer-can thick cock---I literally couldn't get my hand around it---I immediately wanted to see that big thing being forcefully jammed way deep into wee MR. DOUGLAS' luxury ass.
The pairing was the perfect daddy-boy fuck. DOUGLAS fell right into worshiping daddy STEVE's beercan fat daddy-cock, and STEVE responded by throwing the boy a rump-humpin' neither of them will forget.

5. Christian's Brutal Gangbang  
Christian (tim) Ab, Phoenix Michaels At, Franco Dax At, Eric Wolfe At, Brett Anderson At, Alex Pitt At, Austin Shadow At, Ben Jones At
Hungry CHRISTIAN has the world's most adventurous and insatiable ass. And I was still in the mood to get maximum double-dicking on tape. So we set up a gangbang and we went for maximum intensity, start to finish.
Like I said, CHRISTIAN likes it rough. He likes to get fucked so hard that he can still feel it a couple of days later. So these brutal fuckers had free rein to fuck that smooth perfect man-ass as hard and deep as they could.
One of my favorite moments is when CHRISTIAN is gleefully taking the full length of ERIC WOLFE's big ol' cock but the fucker isn't porking CHRISTIAN as hard as CHRISTIAN wants it. So the plucky bottom suddenly reaches up and slaps WOLFE hard in the face. This gets the reaction he wanted---but good.

6. Crazy Fuckers (TIM1)  
Alan Gregory Ab, Jerry Stearns At, Austin Shadow At
ALAN GREGORY is one of my favorite cock-addicted bottom-whores. Yeah, he can be petulant, and yeah, he can be demanding. But I love his handsome hungry Aryan goodlooks, not to mention his fine blond-boy ass with its picture-perfect public-service fuck-pucker. And I've always wanted to see him get what he deserves: a raw-fucking that rips him up and sends him over the top, out-of-control crazy.
So I tossed his fine fuckable ass to studmen JERRY STEARNS and AUSTIN SHADOW. The two tops took turns soul-fucking ALAN, driving their meat deeper and deeper. And ALAN gives it up, melting into a wild-eyed sex-craziness.

7. Brad Mcguire and the Dog-Slave  
Brad Mcguire, Will (Bottom)
After his break-him-in group fuck (scene 1), TIM's sex-slave dog-boy WILL begged me for the chance to experience BRAD MCGUIRE's legendary uncut veiny cock. Like a bitch-dog in heat he needed that studshaft up inside him. How could I say no?
The session brought out the mean, dominant streak in BRAD's sexual nature. He had WILL lick the bottoms of his filthy boots, suck on his sweaty socks. And then he fucked him like a god would fuck a dog. And WILL is way beyond grateful: he squeals and moans like a caged fuck-ninny drilled straight to Whore's Paradise.
Later WILL told me that this was the most profound experience of his dissipated and fucked-up life.
found in compilation Brad McGuire: Legendary Stud

8. Gangbang the Marine  
Chuck Berdoo OgAb, Jono (tim) OrAt, Jake (Phillips) OrAt, Nicholas (de B) OrAt, Maverick (tim) OrAt, Zeke (tim) OrAt, Marcelo Masko OrAt, Fyerfli OrAt
When a man writes to me and lets me know he's a "Total Whore", I sit up and pay attention. And when I get an accompanying pic like the one below, I sit up and grin.
CHUCK BERDOO is a big sturdy ex-Marine who, after being one of the tops in the WILL gangbang (scene 1) wrote to me and confessed: "I'm a total whore, Paul. I've always wanted to climb up in a sling and be gangfucked. Could you make it happen, sir?"
I put together a gangbang featuring a bunch of men new to TIM--JONO, JAKE, NICHOLAS, MAVERICK, ZEKE---and a couple you'll recognize---MARCELO MASKO and FYERFLI---and let them use this once-upstanding ex-serviceman, pluggin' both of his holes and filling his big muscular hairy ass with all the spooge they had in 'em.
MARCELO MASKO happily slurped and felched all the fuckjuice that was leakin' out of CHUCK's fuck-pucker. And by the end of it all, CHUCK was one satisfied and happy submissive--a true TIM serviceman.
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