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Can-Am Productions - Nude Erotic Oil Wrestling (2013)
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Shot in Can-Am`s Toronto Studios, these two nude oil matches feature exceedingly hot bodies in sexually charged struggles that will make body watchers drool.

MATCH #1 / TONY VALOR VS. GUY BOLTON. For the legions of Tony Valor fans who`ve watched this 21 year old bodybuilder steadily gain musclemass, this match features Tony cut and ripped just before a physique contest (which he won his class and overalls). Enjoy! GQ good looking Guy Bolton watches Tony Valor flexing and oiling up before their match. Once in the oil pit, pink trunked Tony and lime green trunked Guy waste little time in getting down to business. Each hold Guy puts on Tony shows off his spectacular body to every body watchers` delight. Muscleboy Tony wins the first fall putting Guy out cold with a sleeper choke hold. With a lot of ass slapping, crotch grabbing, pex and nipple work... Guy punishes Tony to an eye-popping 2nd fall submission by reaching down inside Tony`s skin tight trunks from behind, grabbing Tony`s balls, and literally squeezes Tony`s prolonged and stubborn submission out of him. This particular submission is worth the price of this tape all by itself. Loosing his trunks at the start of the 3rd fall, Tony then strips Guy naked and gets down to work. With semi hard-ons the two athletes work each other over mercilessly. With more muscle and more determination, muscleboy Tony wins the match and promptly ties Guy up with white rope, then gives you an impressive nude oiled victory posing routine. This muscleboy is awesome.

MATCH #2 / THOR VS. VLADIMER MENSKOFF. Among the most beautifully built of the Can-Am wrestling superstars is the amazing Thor. In addition to show-stopping muscularity, this wrestler`s body language is unequaled in its sexuality. And Vladimer Menskoff manhandles Thor`s amazing body with obvious enjoyment. Both uncut and both wearing pink trunks (Thor also wears a head wrap), the two men oil each other down erotically. This duo`s wrestling is deliberate and methodical... exhibiting two splendid bodies at their very sexiest. After mutual ass slapping, nipple play, and punishment holds... Vladimer takes the 1st fall with an arm bar submission from Thor. Finishing a punishing and prolonged 2nd fall, Thor gets a revenge submission from Vladimer using a reverse full nelson neck breaker. Actively into the 3rd fall, both body beautifuls lose their hot pink trunks and really go to work on one another. Their totally nude struggles are so sensual and suggestive... you`ll be hard pressed to hold your wads. After almost loosing to a vicious leg spread crotch split. Thor rallies and wins the match. This nude oiled muscle display punishment match is so beautiful to watch... it could well become one of your favorites.  

Cast: Guy Bolton, John Thor, Tony Valor, Vladimer Menskoff
Release Date: 04/15/2013
Length: 1 hour 4 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / Can-Am Wrestling
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