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Hairy And Raw - Steve Sommers & Alex Hawk - Knock, knock
Hairy And Raw - Steve Sommers & Alex Hawk - Knock, knock

   Decked out like a proper whore –boots, black jockstrap, and a harness– Alex Hawk is all alone in his room, stretching himself open while awaiting the arrival of his fuck buddy. And the moment Steve Sommers walks in, he’s on his knees, eating out Alex’s hole. But this is no ordinary sex scene. It’s about much more than sticking a dick in a hole, pumping it full of meat and getting off. This scene is about foreplay, the prelude to bareback fucking… building towards that moment when you have to have what you need, and the agony of taking it slow with controlled precision. When Steve finally penetrates Alex, you’ll swear you can feel it regardless of whether you’re top or bottom. What follows is intense bareback action, with well-seasoned and experienced pornsters who understand that sometimes there is more to fucking than just busting a load. As they build towards a climax, Steve eventually spews all over Alex’s balls and eats his own cum. Alex follows, cumming on his belly, for Steve to savor.

Duration: 27 minutes

Rel. May 30, 2019

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