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Corbin Fisher - ACM2511 - Brayden Gives It To Zeb (1080p)
Added: September 11, 2019  |  Video Length: 17:56

We only got to spend a few days in Tampa and with all the sights to see, we were trying to make the most of every situation. This is the case when Brayden and Zeb turn up the heat and decide to get a little dirty in the shower between plans. We've already seen that both these men love having fun and getting off, making that bathroom the best room in the house. Though playful at first, they each succeed in working each other up and the giggling soon turns to moaning and some seriously hot sex! It’s so incredibly hot to watch Zeb’s big cock get harder and harder while he’s being railed by Brayden and obviously Brayden thought so too because seeing Zeb cum made him immediately blow his load. After watching those two sizable dicks unloading at the same time, I need a shower to cool down!

(Originally released under Corbin Fisher Select 0637 - Coming Of Age In Tampa 2, which can be found HERE.)

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