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Jacks Are Better (1983) YMAC
director Larry Bronco

Jack Hoff
Jack Shane
Jack Steele
Marty James

Deal yourself a winning hand with Y.M.A.C.'s Jacks Are Better. the first deal has two young friends enjoying Jackson's young french cousing Jacque, shooting the moon in every conceivable position. A scene sure to give you a royal flush. The second deal continues when young Jacque leaves Jack and Jackson to play a few more hands between themselves. The resulting two inside straights are sure to give you a pat hand. The third deal has Jack playing solitaire for our cameras and you, and he deals himself a full hand. It's a gusher! There's no bluffing in the last deal as two dark haired beauties with winning bodies bet, and raise each other to the limit! Play with our Five-Card-Studs in Jacks Are Better and YOU come out the winner!

1. Three of a Kind - Jack Shane, Jack Steele, Jacque

2. Jack Shane, Jack Steele

3. Solitaire Jack Shane solo

4. Jack Hoff, Marty James
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