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Studfist - Dyn0 Meets FistHunter (Amerifist, FistHunterDK, DynO)
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StudFist - Dyn0 Meets FistHunter

Amerifist, FistHunterDK, DynO

Released March 30, 2010

Duration: 21:24

November in Berlin is a cold and dark place.... but not when you have 3 hot pigs in a dungeon together. Dyn0 hits the gyno-chair for a punch and double fist treat from the surprisingly versitile FistHunterDK. Then they move to the fuck bench for more ffun... but wait! Camera man Amerifist cant resist and joins in to help double fist! Ultimately everyone heads to the sofa for a hot punching session!

On a recent trip to Berlin, I was accompanied on part of it by my buddy and other (workin) half, Dyn0. It was his 1st time visiting the place I call my 2nd home, and was nice showing the city a bit and introducing him to some of my friends and ffriends there. FisthunterDK was going to be in town for a wkd as well during this time, and I just knew that the two of them would hit it off well, and sure enough they did.

On 1 evening, we decided to have a little 3 way meeting, and the chrome apt just happen to be free.....  As you all know Fisthunter has a ginormous hole, and so does Dyn0, so I just knew I'ld have the 2 of them on each om wrists at some point in the evening image Fisthunter can also fist a hole as well as he can take it, and he demonstrated that on a more than willing Dyn0-ass.

Fisthunter worked open Dyn0's hole, with punching and stretching, then some hot double ffisting, in the gyno-chair, then over to the fistbench, where my hands took on a life of their own and joined Fisthunter's hand inside Dyn0's hole, for a really big stretch. We cap things off with the two of them ass up on the sofa to take some hard punches. An awesome meeting of 2 of my best friends and a very hot session......and there's more.  Enjoy Dyn0 meets FistHunter
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