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Vitruvian - Bijou - Raw Country (J Brian 1978)
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From backpacker Ron Miles' first glimpse of the naked sunbathers at the waterfall to the precedent setting "Gang Bang: of virgin Gary Young by nine heavy hung hard meat studs... to Steve Boyd's incredible three-way, using his thick ten-incher in every possible hole... including the now famous "swing scene:" with Rusty Adams and Dane Tremmel, considered one of the most intense sex scenes ever filmed. Raw Country brings you the excitement and passion of hot studs unrestrained.
You will watch the subtle seduction of Hugh Davidson by Brain Delaney as Ron Miles get his ow cock sucked by Warren Edwards, and Warren's own frenzied climax, shooting gushing loads of creamy jism. Be witness to the eagerness of Scott Larsen and Warren as they waste no time joining hot cock, mouths and assholes in frantic male sex.
Finally watch the final seduction of Ron by Dane Tremmel, as the straight backpacker finds himself avidly sucking his first hard stiff cock and feeling Dane's excited tongue exploring his virgin asshole. Feel the slow sensual passion of two real men exploring each other's bodies in unendurable pleasure.

1. Gary Young (jb) Ab, Ron Miles nonsex, Warren Edwards At, Steve Boyd At, Skip Sheppard At, Dane Tremmel At, Hugh Davidson nonsex
Ron Miles comes across a group of seven men sunning naked by a mountain waterfall. Mustached hunk Warren Edwards comes up to him and tells him the men are out there to sun, have fun and have sex. No women. He lets his hand wander to Ron’s crotch, but Ron pushes his hand away and says he’s going to hike on into the woods. He finds a clearing, strips down to his jockey shorts, then slinks back to the waterfall area to watch the group of seven. Back at the rocks near the waterfall, a curly-haired brunet is the only one of the group that appears reluctant to strip. They guys taunt him, then chase him down, strip him and rape him over a large boulder. Steve Boyd, Skip Sheppard, Warren Edwards and Dane Tremmel do the fucking, while the other guys watch. Skip Sheppard also is seen sucking the cocks of Warren Edwards, Steve Boyd and Dane Tremmel, and Dane Tremmel briefly sucks Skip Sheppard’s cock. Hugh Davidson and a blond help hold the curly-haired guy down, but don’t participate in the sex action. Ron Miles watches from afar.

2. Steve Boyd OrAt, Skip Sheppard OgrAb, Joe Free Ogr, Ron Miles nonsex
A threeway in a clearing with stained glass hung from tree limbs.
Steve Boyd heads into the woods and finds a clearing, where he hangs shards of stained glass from the tree limbs in a sort of mobile/wind chimes. He’s soon joined by blond Skip Sheppard and curly-haired brunet Joe Free. They oil up to sun tan, but are soon having sex. Skip sucks Steve’s cock, while Joe suck’s Skip’s and then Steve’s cocks. Then Steve bends Skip over and fucks him on all fours, while Skip sucks Joe. Ron Miles manages to slink into this scene as well and watch from afar.

3. Dane Tremmel OrgAtRr, Rusty Adams OgrAbRg
Sex on tree rope swings.
Mustached hunk Rusty Adams finds a swing hanging from a tree in the woods. Dane Tremmel walks up and encourages him to swing, but Rusty says it’s kid stuff and Dane moves on. Left alone, Rusty climbs onto the swing and starts having a good time, as Dane circles back and watches. Finally, Dane makes his presence known and Rusty invites him to join him on the swing. In such close encounters, they’re soon kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. Rusty devours Dane’s cock and ravenously rims him. Meanwhile, a smooth-skinned brunet has moved onto the scene and starts jacking off while watch the swingers enjoy their time together. Dane spots him and the kid jumps up to move on, but Dane asks to borrow his blanket. With the kid gone, Dane and Rusty spread the blanket out and Rusty goes back to wolfing down Dane’s meat and jerking his own uncut cock. They twist into a 69 and suck each other. Dane then fucks Rusty in a variety of positions on the blanket, bent over the swing, and with Rusty sitting down and riding his cock while they swing. Finally, Rusty blows his load while laying back on the blanket and Dane devours his cum. Then Dane hovers over Rusty and blows his load into Rusty’s hungry mouth.

4. Hugh Davidson OgrAb, Ron Miles Or, Warren Edwards Og
Two couples and some body oil.
Curly-haired Hugh Davidson follow the smooth-skinned brunet from the waterfall rocks to another clearing in the woods. They slather on baby oil together, as Ron Miles slinks up again and starts watching. Hugh and the brunet end up 69ing on the brunet’s blanket, and the brunet fucks Hugh. Meanwhile, Warren Edwards comes across Ron Miles again and finally coaxes him out of his jockey shorts. He sucks Ron’s cock to climax, while he jerks his own raging hard cock to orgasm as well.

5. Dane Tremmel OgrAbRg, Ron Miles OrgAtRr, Warren Edwards OgrAt
2 more couples.
The next day, Dane Tremmel comes across Ron Miles sleeping in his sleeping bag. Ron’s still playing the coy card, saying he watched the sex the previous day, but wasn’t really turned on. Dane asks him if he’s ever had his cock sucked and he says yes, yesterday, but again it didn’t really turn him on. Dane asks if he can have a turn and starts sucking Ron’s dick. They end up 69ing, Dane rims Ron, there’s a lot of kissing and some nice frottage, and Ron briefly simulates fucking Dane. Meanwhile, on the rocks below the waterfall, Warren Edwards and a muscular blond are sunning themselves. They jump into the water and swim to another rock, where they suck each other’s cocks, Warren fucks the blond, and then the blond gobbles up Warren’s cum as he jerks off onto his belly.

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

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