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Catalina C1R - Sunsex Blvd (1993) DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Brad Austin

Brandon Wells
Chuck McCoy
Dave Logan
Mark West
Max Stone
Michael Ashley
Scott Randsome
Steve Maverick
Zak Spears
N Bobby Riley
N Brad Austin (dir)
N Jarona Carona
N Josh Eliot
N Mr. Ed
N Tom Mercer

Hollywood California circa 1950's Sunsex Blvd...the place where all the action is. Hardcore man-sex from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Looking for that perfect star can be tough. Finding a good writer can be murder. Getting the best sex is guaranteed. Catalina takes you back, and gets you off on Sunsex Blvd.

1. Zak Spears, Dave Logan, Chuck McCoy
Norman Desmond (Zak Spears) is an aging porn star turned director and he directes a hot scene with Dave Logan and Chuck McKoy.

2. Brandon Wells (90s), Zak Spears
An out of work writer, Joe (Brandon Wells) gets hot and bothered with Norman (Zak).
found in compilation Director's Best: Brad Austin

3. Steve Maverick, Michael Ashley
The "Big" director, Mr. DeVille (Steve Maverick) takes young star Michael Ashley to the casting couch.

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