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William Higgins - Leo Lombar MASSAGE
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Leo Lombar is an extremely handsome and very well built guy. He looks maginificent as he strips down to his underwear for his massage. He shows off his beautiful hairy chest and hot muscles and then lays on the bed to await the masseur. As he waits his underwear fits tightly around his beautiful ass. The masseur arrives and gets to work with some oil, massaging Leo's shoulders and back. The hands work the shoulders and neck and then begin to work down Leo's back. The underwear is pushed down off that sexy ass. The two huge buns are beautifully rounded and the hands glide easily over them . The underwear is removes completely and Leo's legs are spread as the hands work over the ass. Then the hands move onto the legs massaging them and then the feet too. Working back up to that sexy ass the hands take more oil and get rub it all over. The ass cheeks are parted as the masseur does his work. That shows off Leo's tight hole. The hand slide up and down the ass crack and over the cock and balls too. Leo moves onto his knees which allows his ass cheeks to part naturally giving a great view of his tight hole. More oil is used and the hands rub all over the ass and into the crack. The cock is groped and balls rubbed as well. The cock starts to grow as the hands work on it. One hand wanks on the dick as the other rubs the sexy ass and the hot hole. A finger does a gentle test probe of Leo's tight hole and he immediately reacts, to stop it going further. Then he turns over to lay on his back and his cock is wanked as his chest is oiled too. That cock gets rock hard as the wanking gets faster and then Leo releases the hot cum onto his sexy body. The cock is milked dry and the hands run all over that hot body one last time.
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