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Treasure Island - Built To Fuck Disc 2 (2007)
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'Built To Fuck'

BUILT TO FUCK: it's the attitude and the way of life that have built Treasure Island from the very beginning. No-holds-barred, no-limits man-fucking, pure passion for the deepest levels of sex that men can reach. An absolute commitment to the honest, no-bullshit power that men experience when they give themselves over completely and without reservation to the insatiable and limitless experiencing of cock, semen, mansex.

This brand-new DVD is the biggest, deepest and most extensive fuckfilm I've ever produced. Everything is here: brutal gangbangs, scorching three-ways, insatiable cumholes dripping and throbbing for more jizz, huge horse-cocks rampaging and ramming deep.



I know a new DVD is great when I tell my guys that I don't know how the hell we're ever going to top it. Well, once you've experienced BUILT TO FUCK I know you'll agree: this one will set the standard!

Way, way over-the-top, BUILT TO FUCK is without doubt our biggest and our best to date.

Jacob Slader sent me an audition tape so I knew he had the animal in him but that it wasn't getting a chance to show its true nature. Then, at the end of the audition tape, he turned to the camera and point-blank asked if he could fuck Christian.

Now, Christian is one of my favorite fuck-holes---his puckered cumslut butthole is known around the world by now--and I knew these two would be great.

So I paired them up and the match was fucking ideal. What with Christian's begging hunger for cock and cum and Slader's appetite for power-ramming his big ape-tool balls-deep, these two pulled off one of the greatest fucks I've seen.

What do you get when you pair an arrogant phallic god with a beggin'-for-it hungry cum-satyr? Sit back, watch, and enjoy this one. I guarantee you'll be fuckin' oozing your own sperm before it's halfway done.

Scene 2- Gang Bang -Max sent me the bottom/hole for this gangbang, a boy named Luke. We set up a fine group of cocksmen featuring one of my personal favorites, the huge-hung (and seldom seen) Adrian Troy.

With the young prettyboy cumhole perched on a rickety-rocking sling, the tops took turns punch-fucking his starving-for-jizz butthole. Luke whined and begged for more, crying out "yeah! yeah!" This is a man who thinks with his hole, and his hole knows what it fuckin' wants.

"Dickman" Derek Anthony (with his famous fat mushroom-head cock), horsey and handsome Adrian Troy, big-hung (double-shooter) Raymen and Alan Gregory all shared and shared alike, pumping and dumping big wads of manjuice up this boy's dick-sucking ass-mouth.

Not one to let a drop of sperm go to waste, after it was all over Alan Gregory got down on his knees and licked and lapped and sucked on the pouty tender bunghole, filling his gut with the oozing butt-warmed second-hand jizz-loads.

Scene 3- Sean Hunter, an up-and-shooting young raw topman called and put in a request for a chance to ride Christian's obliging butt. And I'm never one to say no to a good idea.

In Sean's living room, Christian bent over and offered up his ass and Sean slid his big extra-long schlong deep and set to riding Christian hard.

A very hot energy to this pair-up: if assholes fall in love, then Sean must still be getting love-notes from Christian's hole.

Just as he's about to shoot his load, Sean pulls almost all the way out, shooting his load extra shallow inside Christian's pooched-out pucker. Sean gets Christian to squirt the fresh jizz into his hand and then Christian happily laps up every drop like a good li'l hungry puppy.

Scene 4- Dumb Fuck - After Luke's gangbang (scene 2), I called Jacob Slader and told him I had a bottom who was all filled-up and sloppy. A few minutes later, we literally heard Jacob's car screech to a stop outside the hotel!

Is there anything in life that's as fine as fucking a sloppy jizz-filled fuckhole? Ask Slader and he'll just grin. He set to the job, with his big oak-hard manpole sliding in all...the...way...deep and poor little Luke whimpering because his hole was red and tender and already worn-out.

But once Slader got his infamous slammo-rammo fuck-pace goin', Luke was transported to that special heaven reserved for total always-open sluts. After he gets used to Slader's man-rammer, Luke reaches down and, as much as it hurts him, he shoves his fingers up his own ass while Jacob keeps a-pounding. Luke just has to slurp up the oozing come-drippings from his butt-roasting gangbang.

Nothing like eating your own sloppy hole out while a stud keeps banging.

Scene 5- What happens when you pair up a world-class dick, the likes of which swings between Austin Shadow's legs, and a world-class cum-sucking hole, like the one on Franco Dax?

This episode wasn't even supposed to be shot. One of our camera-men came across these two as they were about to set to it like horny dogs and shot what happened. And what happened was pure spontaneous manfuck, the kind of encounter that you get when cock and hole are in serious need of fast deep hard satisfaction.

Halfway through this white-hot encounter Dax shoots his load onto his own furry belly. Does studman Shadow miss a beat? Nope. He knows that if he just keeps a-pumpin' with his huge fuck-meat he can get the helpless moaning manslut to shoot again.

And he does just that.

Scene 6- Double Fuck - A lot of guys wrote in and asked if I could show Alan Gregory's perfect hole getting used, with gobs of hot cum shot inside him. Well, here it is.

Two of California's A-team topmen, "Dickman" Derek Anthony and Mason Garet took turns using Alan every which way. Tag-team butt-fucking, deep-dick double-penetration, name it, they did it.

This was one of those fuck-events where the three men said they'd never experienced anything this hot before. Here's a true high-water-mark in sex---and in porn.

Scene 7- Our truly (no exaggeration here) horse-hung exclusive Jerry Stearns saw some pics of JT Steel, and said to me "I want that ass!"

I live to give men what they want, so I set up a one-on-one fuck between these two perfect specimens of manhood. This one was deep, personal, intense. The connection between these two men was awesome and kept the cameramen totally silent throughout.

This one is the real deal, two perfect men, each thoroughly digging the other.

Scene 8- Austin, Jay Ross and Ray - Sexy and willing little Jay Ross, a new Treasure Island exclusive (I'm proud to say), has one of the finest asses I've ever seen. To welcome him on board, I set up a kind of two-man "initiation".

I threw two true studs--Raymen and Austin Shadow--onto a bed with Jay and told them to fuck him till there was nothing left.

They may have taken me a little too seriously, because they put this ever-ready bottom-boy through the fuckin' works! They take turns, they fuck his mouth, they double-fuck him, they fuck him right-side up, they fuck him upside-down. Then they shoot heavy loads up that fine li'l hole of his.

Afterward, Jay was still alive and...yep, ready for more! A true Treasure Island man.

Scene 9- The Business - Raw fuck. Means a lot of things, but here, in this episode, you'll see fucking at it's most raw. Topman Connor Zimmerman is one of those big-dicked successful business men who is absolutely used to taking exactly what he wants from every man he encounters.

And Christian was more than willing to give himself up completely: anything to get that phenomenally huge cock deep-as-it-goes up his fuck-guts.

The result? Raw, hot, basic. Two men, one goal. Zimmerman--and his ridiculously huge dick--got exactly what he came for.

Scene 10- Aaron Gangbang - Once in a while, a man writes to me, giving himself to me. "Paul, I'll be forever in your debt," wrote a young man named Aaron. "I'll do anything you want if you'll get me rawfucked by a roomful of studs."

Fine. I pulled together the topmen, including some of the biggest fuckin' cocks in the world: Colin Knight, Phoenix Michaels, Eric Wolfe (aka "Horse"image, Nick Roberts, Alex Pitt. And I threw in Franco Dax and Austin Shadow as the cum-drippin' over-the-top element.

Let me just say that Aaron didn't know what fuckin' hit him. This kid was fucked to within an inch of his life, with this group of ruttin' studs ramming and slamming his ass hard, harder, hardest.

By the end, Aaron's been broken in. His hole hangin' loose, open, drippin', his mouth caked with jizz-spew and spit. I love gettin' letters.

Scene 11- Outro / Ape Man - I end up BUILT TO FUCK with a brief and to-the-point fuck-event featuring wild-man Yuri and my favorite stud, Jerry Stearns.

The chemistry between these two was immediate, raw and intense. And what came off here was nothing less than perfect. Yuri was a beautiful pile of fuck-meat in the form of a man. And Jerry knew exactly what to do with him.

A perfect lesson in how to fuck a man so he'll never forget it.

Extras- As a very special bonus, I'm including two extended and scorching never-before-seen fuck-episodes that were just found in our archives. They'd been tucked away and forgotten and we were all thrilled when a new archivist found these tapes.

Straight from my private archive come two previously lost scenes featuring the legendary Jesse O'Toole fucking Jackson Price. Also featuring Mike Nichols, Tom Tomorrow and Mike O'Neill.

These two scenes are not to be missed, particularly if you enjoy watching Jesse O'Toole doin' what he does best: deep-fucking a whimpering helpless bottom (Jackson Price), with studman Mike Nichols taking his turn and fucking Jackson as well.

We were all totally thrilled to find these, and I'm putting them onto BUILT TO FUCK as bonus tracks.

As an additional bonus, I've included incredible extended versions of several of the hottest scenes from BUILT TO FUCK. You'll have a chance, for the first time ever, to watch a complete scene and then watch an extended version that shows you even more, including much of the raw footage.

And as yet another bonus, we've made an incredible compressed "Pure Juice" version of the entire BUILT TO FUCK that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's the ULTIMATE cum-shot/fuck review.

Gentlemen, it's my honest opinion that BUILT TO FUCK is going to set a new standard. This is my favorite fuck DVD that we've made to date.

If you have a taste for the work we do at Treasure Island, I can guarantee that you'll want to get this one for your collection---and for your total pleasure. If what people are saying is true and Treasure Island is "more a cult than a porn studio", then this would be our "Man-fuck Manifesto".

BUILT TO FUCK is the real deal.

- Paul Morris

Starring Jacob Slader, Christian, Dickman Derek, Alan Gregory, Adrian Troy, Raymen, Luke, Sean Hunter, Austin Shadow, Franco Dax, Mason Garet, Jerry Sterns, J. T. Steel, Jay Ross, Connor Zimmerman, Aaron, Alex Pitt, Eric Wolfe, Phoenix Michaels, Yuri, Mike Nichols, Jackson Price, Tom Tomorrow, Mike O'Neil and Nick Roberts.

Directed by Paul Morris.

A Treasure Island Media DVD.

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