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GayHoopla - James Manziel and Derek Jones Flip Fuck ROUND 2 (720p)
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(This is the HD proper upload vs. the previous version uploaded here.)

Released January 25, 2019

Boy, James Manziel & Derek Jones can really put on a SHOW. James typically shines as a power bottom, but he uses this moment to really display his talents as a dominating top as well. Derek takes the pounding deep and of course begs for more.

How awesome to see these two getting more and more experienced/comfortable showing off for us in front of the camera. After they both orgasmed, and we turned our cameras off, Derek and James looked over at us and admitted that they were so into each other that they forgot we were even there rolling!

Nothing hotter than catching an organic, REAL, fuck! Great work guys! Please do share with us again image
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