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Bijou Video - Wild Oats - toby ross
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All it takes is a cabin in the woods to get these guys hard for Feelin' "one with nature," Danny Stevens oils up and lets it hang out, for Jaime Wingo, to see. Once Jaime comes over to give a mouth, it's all a-blast.

Riding on the tractor, Tom Law takes Jon King into the woods for some "tail riding." The 69ing could satisfy the biggest of appetites, and once they start fuckin and cumming, ole Bessy would blush at the amount of cream produced.

Making good use of the barn, Billy Knight and David lie in the hay to stroke one out. David gives a warm mouth, and then jerks his "farm boy." Givin' and getting', each blows onto the other.

Riding out on his 4-wheeler, Danny Stevens meets up with Jon King for some "Splendor in the Grass." As they lie side by side, it's a "great ode" to what you can do in an orchard.

Billy Knight heads back to the city, and his boyfriend, Rydar Hansen. Sucking and fucking, this pair share "all;" Billy bottoms for his daddy then is fingered until he too cums.
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