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French Twinks - Entre deux shooting (Gabriel Lambert, Baptiste Garcia)
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French Twinks

Entre deux shooting (Between Two Shooting)

Gabriel Lambert, Baptiste Garcia

Released: 2017-12-07

26 minutes

After his initation session with Thomas Leconte, Baptiste Garcia still in jock-strap and camcorder in hand, meets Gabriel Lambert in French Twinks studios. Baptiste is pleased to show some images he shot to Gabriel. The sight of Thomas's little ass excites Gabriel strongly and he starts to kiss Baptiste.

Baptiste then slips a hand into Gabriel's underwear and reveals his big cock already hard that he’s quick to put in his mouth. Gabriel plays with Baptiste's little hole while he’s getting sucked greedily and both boys are moaning of pleasure. Baptiste then rides Gabriel and goes back and forth on his dick. The excitement rises and Baptiste asks for more from Gabriel who fuck him harder. It’s then standing that Gabriel continues to pound Baptiste’s ass, penetrating and going out his thick cock vigorously. Baptiste is thrilled and explodes with pleasure. While the sperm of Baptist floods the ground Gabriel continues to fuck him. He then withdraws, puts Baptiste on his knees and sprinkles is face with multiple jets of sperm in a explosive ejaculation.
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